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How do you get a thunderstone in Pokemon Soul Silver?

How do you get a thunderstone in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You have to win a bug catching contest but they will give you a random stone. Or you can go to the pokeathalon dome where you can buy stuff there with the points you earn from entering the pokeathalon.

Where is Magnemite in soul silver?

In Heart Gold and Soul Silver, Magnemite appear at Route 11, 38, 39, and the Safari Zone’s Peak and Wasteland areas. Magnemite also appear on the Pokéwalker course “Suburban Area.” Magnemite can be found at White Forest in Pokémon White, and at Virbank Complex in Black 2 and White 2.

Where can I find Snubbull in soul silver?

You can catch Snubbull on Route 38 whiles it’s swarming. This feature is only available after you have received the National Pokedex.

How often does Lass Dana give you a Thunderstone?

If you change the DS clock, the game waits 24 hours before any time related event will occur. So, you have to set it for like Wednesday, then wait 24 hours, and then get the thunderstone on Thursday.

What do you do in Route 38 in Pokemon soul silver?

Route 38 is a path which contains multiple paths with grass or trainers on them. There are numerous shortcuts which allow you to cut out various parts while travelling. As well as this, there is a special area on the south only accessible by Rock Climbing a cliff in Route 39. Special Moves used in : Rock Climb.

Where do you find Route 38 in Johto?

Location of Route 38 in Johto. Route 38 (Japanese: 38ばんどうろ Route 38) is a route in western Johto, connecting Ecruteak City and Route 39 . Even though Route 38 maintains a pure east-west alignment as a whole, there are no fewer than four separate paths that Trainers can take between Ecruteak and Route 39.

Where do you find Route 38 in HeartGold?

Press the B Button during evolution. That startles the Pokémon and stops its evolution. Route 38 appeared in the HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter, where Crystal and Silver traveled through the route on their way to Ecruteak City.

Where can I find a Thunderstone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

– Pokemon SoulSilver Version Q&A for DS – GameFAQs Where can I find a thunderstone? Where can I find a thunderstone? i want to find a thunder stone. ZX You can get a thunder stone in 4 ways… – From Bill’s Grand father on the NorthEast side of Cerulean City by showing him a Pikachu. – Get it from the trainer Dana on rt. 38.