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How do you do post it note art?

How do you do post it note art?

Tips for creating Post-it® Super Sticky Note pixel art

  1. Measure your wall space.
  2. Plan out your mural on a grid.
  3. Map out the whitespace.
  4. Keep color contrast in mind.
  5. Super sticky, super awesome.
  6. Look for single-color packs.
  7. Lift from the side.

Why do artists put sticky notes?

Sticky notes: You probably use them every day at the office. They’re great for leaving notes and reminders, creating to-do lists for the day, and marking your place in reports and documents. In fact, artists around the world use sticky notes to create some truly incredible works of art.

Who is the CEO of post it notes?

Arthur Fry
Arthur Fry (born 19 August 1931) is an American former inventor and scientist. He is credited as the co-creator of the Post-it Note, an item of office stationery manufactured by 3M. As of 2006, Post-it products are sold in more than 100 countries.

Can you make origami with post it notes?

Post-it notes are perfect to make this simple origami star. This is probably the easiest five point origami star in existence! Kids will be able to make this great origami star for Christmas, Star Festival or any other occasion! All you need is two sheets of square paper, both the same size.

Who was the first person to use post it notes?

Rebecca Murtaugh, a California artist who uses Post-it Notes in her artwork, in 2001 created an installation by covering her whole bedroom with $1000 worth of the notes, using the ordinary yellow for objects she saw as having less value and neon colors for more important objects, such as the bed.

Who was the mysterious post it note artist inspired by?

A tiny bit, especially his early works: Frankenweenie, Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. I think I am inspired by the same things as he was inspired by as a young artist, and from what I know we both suffered the same kind of childhood in the suburbs. What do you hope others will get out of your art?

What kind of software do you use for post it notes?

These include 3M’s own Post-it Brand Software Notes, Stickies in Mac OS, Sticky Notes in Windows, or other applications like ShixxNOTE. Virtual Post-It–like notes are also available online using Evernote, Google Keep, or Microsoft OneNote . In 1997, 3M sued Microsoft for trademark infringement for using the term “Post-It” in a help file.

Why does John Kenn do post it note art?

Or maybe it’s because post-it note art isn’t his full-time job, rather, it’s his part-time hobby. As a writer and director of children’s television shows, Kenn uses his imagination on a daily basis. To keep his ideas flowing and to now serve an enthusiastic crowd, he continually shares his new pieces via his blog.