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How do I update McAfee drive encryption?

How do I update McAfee drive encryption?

Upgrade to Drive Encryption 7.2

  1. Upgrade the EEPC 7.0. x EEAdmin extension to EEPC 7.0 Patch 4, which is included in the Drive Encryption 7.2 package.
  2. Upgrade McAfee ePO to minimum supported versions or later (McAfee ePO 5.1. x and 5.3. x).
  3. Run the user data upgrade task.
  4. Upgrade to Drive Encryption 7.2.

How do I upgrade to Windows 10 with McAfee encryption?

Option 1 – Using the /ReflectDrivers switch:

  1. From the administrator command line or deployment script, locate the image and use the following command: Setup.exe /ReflectDrivers “%programfiles%\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption\OSUpgrade” Or:
  2. Complete the Windows 10 setup procedure as needed.

How do I manually install McAfee disk encryption?

  1. Install the McAfee Agent package.
  2. Install the Agent and PC software packages.
  3. Install the offline activation package and activate Drive Encryption.
  4. Log on to the client system.

How do I force McAfee drive encryption?


  1. Click Menu → Systems → System Tree → Systems tab, then from the System Tree, select the group where the system belongs.
  2. Select a system, then click Actions → Agent → Modify Policies on a Single System.
  3. Select Drive Encryption 7.2, then click Enforcing next to Enforcement status.

How to install or upgrade to drive encryption 7.x from the?

For a new install of DE 7.x, see Solution 1. For upgrading from EEPC 7.2.x, see Solution 2. You must install a supported version of McAfee Agent (MA) before using the command line method. For more information, refer to KB79422, which is linked in the Environment field of this article.

How to upgrade McAfee endpoint encryption to Windows 10?

From the extracted .zip file, copy the required folder to C:\\Program Files\\McAfee\\Endpoint Encryption\\OSUpgrade. With DE 7.2.0 and later, you are overwriting existing files in the \\ OSUpgrade folder.

Can you upgrade Drive Encryption 7.X to FIPS mode?

It is the only way to make sure that keys are generated in a FIPS-approved manner. If you upgrade an active DE client in non-FIPS mode to a FIPS-mode version of DE 7.x, it does not imply that the client is running in FIPS mode.

Where can I find Drive Encryption 7.2?

This section is located under Policy Catalog, Drive Encryption 7.2, Product settings, Logon (tab), on systems that use double-byte languages. The issue is resolved in the DE 7.2.0 (Repost). The DE 7.2.0 EEAdmin Extension appears as version (GA) and (Repost) in the ePO Extensions.