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How do I setup my InfiniBand switch?

How do I setup my InfiniBand switch?

Key points for installing and configuring the InfiniBand switch

  1. Power on the InfiniBand switches and configure their IP addresses before attaching them to the cluster virtual local area network (VLAN).
  2. Set the static IP addresses on the switches for the cluster VLAN.
  3. Update the switch firmware code as required.

Which way should the L groove on the InfiniBand cable connector be oriented for the top row of receptacles and which way should it be oriented for the bottom row of receptacles?

Orient the cable connector to the QSFP receptacle squarely and horizontally. Ensure that the L groove is up for the top row of receptacles, or that the L groove is down for the bottom row of receptacles.

What is InfiniBand switch in Exadata?

Infiniband Network of Exadata Infiniband Network is a high-performance, very low-latency network layer that is active-active in all directions at 40 Gb / sec, which enables communication between the Database Server and Storage Server like following picture. In quarter and 1/8 Exadata have only two auxiliary switches.

How do I reset my Mellanox switch?

Restoring Factory Default Configuration

  1. Connect to a remote console/serial connection.
  2. Remove the slave management module.
  3. Run “reset factory”:
  4. Log in as “admin” and start running the Mellanox Configuration Wizard.
  5. Insert the slave management module.
  6. Remove the master management module.

Where are the InfiniBand switches in Oracle Exadata?

Oracle Exadata Database Machine includes two 36-port InfiniBand leaf switches (Sun Datacenter QDR InfiniBand Switch 36). These two switches located in the middle of the rack are referred to as leaf switches. A spine switch is included in unit 1 of Oracle Exadata Database Machine Full Rack and Half Rack configurations.

What kind of switches are used in Oracle?

For example, host A may be using port-1 while host-B may switch to port-2 for some reason. Inter switch links may be as simple as cables between two leaf switches or they may go through another switch, which is known as Spine switch.

Where is the InfiniBand card installed in exalytics x4-4?

For the Exalytics X4-4, X5-4 and X6-4 models the InfiniBand card is installed in PCIe Slot 4. You may use any spare 5-meter InfiniBand cables included in your Oracle Exadata Database Machine. If you need assistance, contact Oracle support personnel.

How are leaf switches connected in Oracle Engineered Systems?

Connect port-1 to designated leaf switch-1 with an IB cable. When you are done, this completes a star topology. Now repeat the same on port-2 but this time use designated leaf switch-2. So, each host is connected to two leaf switches via independent port. This sets up your dual star topology. But wait, we need some inter switch links also. Why ?