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How do I search an article in Embase?

How do I search an article in Embase?

To search by keywords in Embase click on Emtree (1) in the drop-down menu under ‘Browse’ in the blue bar at the top of the Embase screen. To find keywords, enter a search term in the Emtree search bar and click on ‘Find Term’ (2). Next you click on one of the displayed options (3).

Can I search Embase for free?

What is Embase? Online version of Index Medicus produced by the US National Library of Medicine (NLM). Freely available on the Internet.

How can I get access to Embase?

Provided you are a registered user, if you want to access Embase remotely, go to Embase.com and click Login. In the pop-up window that appears, you will see Remote access activation as one of the options. Use the link Click here to activate. Enter your official organizational email address.

How do I search Embase with Ovid?

Begin by typing in ‘type 2 diabetes’ and clicking on the Search tab. This will take you to the subject heading results, where Ovid Embase will map you on to the Emtree term that corresponds to the term that you typed in.

How to search for articles in MEDLINE and EMBASE?

Many peer-reviewed articles are retrieved by searching bibliographic databases such as MEDLINE and Embase [ 2, 3, 4 ]. Including terms from a controlled vocabulary, or thesaurus such as Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) in MEDLINE and Excerpta Medica Thesaurus (Emtree terms) in Embase is critical in creating robust, sensitive searches.

Where can I find articles missing from EMBASE?

Still, in biomedical SRs, any articles missed in Embase may be found by other databases such as MEDLINE or Web of Science. We aimed to determine whether focused Embase and MEDLINE searches negatively impacted the retrieval of relevant studies across a broad range of SRs.

How to search EMBASE by using only major terms?

For 73 SRs, we limited Embase searches to major terms only while keeping the search in MEDLINE and other databases such as Web of Science as they were. The overall search yield (or total number of search results) was reduced by 8%.

How to calculate the number of unique references in EMBASE?

The number of unique references in Embase after deduplication (Eu) is Ea − (Mb − Ma). The number of unique references in Medline after deduplication (Mu) is Ma − (Wb − Wa). We calculated the ratio that a focused search in Embase (rE) and MEDLINE (rM) as the number retrieved with the focused search divided by the number of the original search.