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How do I get premium TypeRacer?

How do I get premium TypeRacer?

Send friend requests to any other user on the site. (Without a premium subscription you will be required to know the recipient’s email address). Your experience level will become Racer instead of Typist: Your scorecard will indicate that you are a premium member so everyone knows you are serious about typeracing.

How do you type fast on TypeRacer?

Improve your speed and have fun at TypeRacer.Com….Decide what you are going to do once you have logged in.

  1. Enter a typing race.
  2. Practice (always a good idea)
  3. Race your friends.

Can you get banned on TypeRacer?

Cheaters/abusers will be automatically banned after enough reputable users report them. Admins can un-ban people if they ever make a mistake or decide to give someone a second chance, and the previously banned user’s data will not be lost.

How do you copy and paste on TypeRacer?

Hit Ctrl+C to copy the text to your clipboard. Click in the input box on typeracer. Hit Ctrl+Shift+U.

What’s the best way to cheat on TypeRacer?

Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. //Now pressing any key will result in to correct key press untill you reach next space key. //I made the user push space to move further, so that someone viewing your typing will think you are not faking.

Do you have to do auto typing on TypeRacer?

Now, every time you start a race on TypeRacer, auto typing will be done. However, you have to type the last word manually be yourself so as to adjust you typing speed below 100 WPM. The problem with TypeRacer is that if your typing speed exceeds 100 WPM, you have to pass a CAPTCHA like test.

How to enter a race on typeracer.com?

Run this program. Install the excellent “Firebug” extension on your Firefox. Enter a race on typeracer.com. Hit F12 to open up the Firebug window. Make sure the Firebug window is open to the “HTML” tab. Hit Ctrl+Shift+K to type in the search box. Search for a phrase in the text like “farcical aquatic ceremony.” Hit Enter.

Is there a browser based hack for TypeRacer?

A browser based hack for typeracer.com. With this cheat you can achieve your dream type speed and win every freaking match. You can choose your own speed for your purpose. It has been made purely for educational purposes. Author will not be responsible for any damages.