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How do I get music on SmartMusic?

How do I get music on SmartMusic?

To try this out, go to the SmartMusic homepage and click on Find Music from the top of the page….SmartMusic

  1. Use the Quick Search function to find a specific piece of music, using as many filters as needed,
  2. Listen to any selection in its entirety,
  3. View any part to help evaluate the technical demands of the piece.

How do students use SmartMusic?

After you open an assignment, Assignment Details appear.

  • Review the assignment and tap Done. Sight reading instructions appear.
  • Tap . Classic SmartMusic displays your study time above the music, and begins to count down.
  • Study the music and get ready to play.
  • After the countoff, perform the assignment.

Is SmartMusic good?

Great practice tool for personalized learning and differentiated instruction (Grades 5-12+). When grading, I always tell my students that I give the final grade because SmartMusic can only grade correct notes and correct rhythms and even then, it isn’t always a true representation of a student’s performance.

How can I get a smart music class for free?

This will create a class that is free for anyone to join. When you are given a class code, make a note of it. To get students enrolled, send them an email instructing them to go to https://admin.smartmusic.com/join and to enter the class code you just received.

Where can I find free smart music videos?

Click on that to visit SmartMusic Academy, where you can find free videos and other resources to help you get the most out of your SmartMusic experience. At the far right is the navigation icon (it looks like a box of nine dots).

Can You get Smart Music for free for 30 days?

Give SmartMusic a try for free for 30 days, and learn which subscription works best for you! New to SmartMusic? We offer free, comprehensive training through SmartMusic Academy courses for teachers, plus webinars and in-person training for a fee.

Do you need a SmartMusic subscription to play music?

SmartMusic offers different subscriptions to meet everyone’s needs, whether you’re joining as an individual performer, a teacher, or even an entire school district. Give SmartMusic a try for free for 30 days, and learn which subscription works best for you! New to SmartMusic?