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How do I get a new debit card from First Hawaiian Bank?

How do I get a new debit card from First Hawaiian Bank?

Call us immediately at 844-4444 (toll-free at 1-888-844-4444) if you need a replacement card.

How do I get a new debit card if I lost one?

Generally, a bank’s service representative will deactivate the card and issue a replacement. If you think the card is misplaced and there’s a good chance you’ll locate it soon, you may want to ask about the option of a temporary freeze.

How do I cancel my first Hawaiian credit card?

Please call us at 1-888-844-4444 if we can assist you in any way. To close your account, please submit your request in writing to your branch of account.

How much money can you lose if you lose your debit card?

ATM or Debit Card Loss or Fraudulent Transfers.

If you report: Your maximum loss:
Within 2 business days after you learn about the loss or theft. $50
More than 2 business days after you learn about the loss or theft, but less than 60 calendar days after your statement is sent to you, $500

How to get rewards with First Hawaiian Bank debit card?

Explore the fantastic rewards items available in the First Hawaiian Bank Debit Card Rewards program. Search for products by category, number of points, or by keyword in the field below. To add rewards to your Wish List, click on the reward item you would like to add and click “Add to Wish List.”

How to change your PIN number at first Hawaiian Bank?

You PIN number will be automatically mailed to your address on file when you receive a new credit or debit card. If you know your current PIN and would like to change it, please call (808) 844-4321 or (800) 545-6300 from a touch tone phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Press #1 and you will be able to select your new PIN number.

Can you use First Hawaiian credit card on United Airlines?

The Primary Cardholder’s first and second standard checked bags are free when you use your United ® Credit Card from First Hawaiian Bank to purchase your tickets on United- and United Express-operated flights; codeshare partner-operated flights are not eligible. Oversized/overweight/extra baggage service charges still apply if applicable.

Can you deposit a check at first Hawaiian Bank?

Cash, check, and coin deposits are accepted at all First Hawaiian Bank branches. Please see a teller to conduct your deposit. Cash and check deposits are accepted at most First Hawaiian Bank ATM’s. Wire transfers are accepted into personal and business accounts; however incoming wire fees may apply.