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How do I fix the blue screen of death on my laptop?

How do I fix the blue screen of death on my laptop?

Fixing blue screen using Restore Point

  1. On the “Choose an option” screen select Troubleshoot.
  2. Click on Advanced options.
  3. Click on System Restore.
  4. After your computer reboots, select your account and sign-in.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Usually, system restore points are automatically created when you install a new update, driver or app.

How do I fix a blue screen crash?

There are a few possible options that can solve the BSOD error and get you back to a working computer.

  1. Restart or Power cycle your computer.
  2. Scan your computer for Malware and Viruses.
  3. Run Microsoft Fix IT.
  4. Check that the RAM is properly connected to the motherboard.
  5. Faulty Hard drive.

How do I fix blue screen of death on Windows 10?

Quickly Fix: Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death When Using Computer

  1. Remove newly added hardware devices, such as webcam, printer, and monitor, and then restart computer.
  2. Scan your computer for virus or malware.
  3. Uninstall most recently installed programs and Windows updates.
  4. Install the latest Windows update.

How do you fix blue screen crash?

Some Simple Methods for You to Fix “Blue Screen of Death Error. Method1. Run Microsoft System Restore to restore your computer to last working point. Method2. Run Registry Recovery to restore your registry to its initial status, which will fix crashes caused by very serious system, software or hardware conflict.

How do you fix a blue screen on a computer?

Using General Fixes Consider your recent actions on the computer. See if your computer is unusually hot. Run the Blue Screen troubleshooter. Remove any unnecessary hardware. Wait for your computer to restart. Run a virus scan.

What is the problem of blue screen in computer?

Blue screens are generally caused by problems with your computer’s hardware or issues with its hardware driver software . Sometimes, they can be caused by issues with low-level software running in the Windows kernel. Regular apps usually won’t be able to cause blue screens.

Why does Windows 10 keep blue screening?

The main reason of blue screen of death ( BSOD ) on your Windows 10 computer is data corruption. Apart from the normal reasons the malware can corrupt the data stored on your computer. In case you encounter blue screen on your Windows 10 then antivirus software is the best way to do a full system scan.