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How do I fix error P0026?

How do I fix error P0026?

  1. Step 1 Check the fault code.
  2. Step 2 Remove Air Intake Chamber.
  3. Step 3 Disconnect electrical connector bracket.
  4. Step 4 Disconnect solenoid and Oil switch plugs.
  5. Step 5 Remove Oil Pressure Switch.
  6. Step 6 Remove Solenoid.
  7. Step 7 Install new Oil Pressure Switch & Solenoid.
  8. Step 8 Reinstall All Components.

What is code P0026 mean?

P0026 is the OBD-II generic code indicating the engine control module (ECM) has determined that the variable valve lift solenoid for the intake valves for bank 1 takes too long to engage or does not engage.

What is intake valve control solenoid?

The Intake Valve Control Solenoid uses oil pressure and an electrical solenoid to control the position of the exhaust valve. Newer vehicles are equipped with variable valve timing (VVT).

What does the OBD II fault code p0026 mean?

What Does Code P0026 Mean? OBD II fault code P0026 is defined as “ Intake Valve Control Solenoid Circuit Range/Performance (Bank 1)”, with “Bank 1” denoting the side of the engine that contains cylinder #1 on engines with two cylinder heads.

How to diagnose intake valve control solenoid circuit p0026?

NOTE: When diagnosing code P0026, start the procedure by inspecting the engine for oil leaks that could have reduced the engine oil level. Repair oil leaks as required, top off the oil level, clear the code, and operate the vehicle. Rescan to see if the code returns. If the code persists, proceed as follows-

What do the codes p0028 and p0029 mean?

P0028 – Relates to Intake Valve Control Solenoid Circuit Range/Performance (Bank 2), with “Bank 2” denoting the side of the engine that does not include cylinder #1. Codes P0027 and P0029 refer to the same problem and fault condition in the VVT or VCS control systems of the exhaust side of Banks 1 and 2 respectively.