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How do I divert my Telstra mobile to another number?

How do I divert my Telstra mobile to another number?

Dial ##002# from your Telstra mobile. Press Call/Send. You’ll get a notification about Call Forwarding being disabled. Press Ok/Dismiss.

How can I divert my mobile to another mobile?

Simply type **21* followed by the phone number you wish to forward calls to, including the area code, and then *10#, followed by the call button.

How do I transfer my calls to another phone?

To activate Call Forwarding, dial *72. Dial the number to which you want to forward your calls. When someone at that number answers, Call Forwarding is activated. If no one answers or the line is busy, press the receiver button for one second and repeat the steps listed above within two minutes.

How do I divert my NBN landline to my mobile?

Call forward Always

  1. Lift handset wait for tone.
  2. Enter *72# followed by the number you wish to forward to. Eg. *72# 0400 000 000 then hang up.
  3. Hang up.
  4. To turn it off again. Lift handset, wait for tone. Enter *73# and hang up.

How to turn off divert codes on Telstra?

I believe Telstra’s network has the default set to voice calls for the divert codes, so you should be able to omit the final *10 and just put a # directly after the phone number entered, and likewise, to switch off diversions you could just enter ## code *#.

Is there a fax diversion number on Telstra?

For example, the FAX diversion is supposed to work on Telstra, however there’s another number (I don’t know what it is) that is for text message call types – this would be so handy to divert text messages to another number on some occasions!

How to divert calls to another mobile number?

To forward All calls immediately – use code 21 Turn on call forwarding (On the mobile you wish to divert). Press ** code * Enter the phone number you’re forwarding to, including the area code

How does call forwarding work on a Telstra phone?

Call Forward Immediate is ready to use on your phone now. It overrides all other Telstra Voice features except Call Forward Selected Callers. Call charges apply for the calls you forward. If your phone is engaged when someone calls, they’ll be immediately forwarded to another number you’ve chosen.