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How do I delete my Tumblr on the app?

How do I delete my Tumblr on the app?

How to delete a Tumblr blog on mobile app

  1. Tap the Account icon.
  2. Select your blog in the upper right corner.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Select Delete this Tumblr.
  5. Type your password and tap Delete.

Why can’t I delete my Tumblr account?

Use the settings section of Tumblr to delete your account. You can’t delete your account using the Tumblr app for mobile devices. Deletion is only possible using the Tumblr website. When you delete your account, your primary Tumblr blog is deleted as well.

What happens when you deactivate a Tumblr?

Deleting the Tumblr account means you will be removed from any group blogs you have joined, and you will also lose any Tumblr credits remaining in your account. Removing a blog will delete any premium Tumblr blog themes that you’ve paid for unless you first transfer them to another blog.

Can you deactivate Tumblr without deleting?

You can have multiple Tumblr blogs on the same Tumblr account, and if you do, you can delete them without deleting your entire Tumblr account. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Delete [blog name]. If you try to do this on your primary blog, you won’t see “Delete [blog name]” as the button text.

Can you deactivate Tumblr temporarily?

Can You Deactivate Tumblr? Many social networks allow you to temporarily deactivate your account in case you want to reactivate it again later. Tumblr doesn’t have this option. You can’t delete Tumblr blogs or your Tumblr account from the Tumblr mobile app.

Does deleting a Tumblr delete posts?

All posts and content associated with the blog are deleted, and Tumblr can’t restore or reactivate blogs or content later. Anything you have reblogged from others is deleted along with your content.

Why is Tumblr deleting blogs?

Tumblr announced it has started to remove over four million reblogs from original posts that belonged to blogs suspended for hate speech. Tumblr has been facing a lot of pressure from users to reevaluate how it deals with hate speech and hate speech from Nazis or other white supremacist groups, in particular.