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How do I control the water level in my pool?

How do I control the water level in my pool?

How to Lower Your Pool Water Level

  1. Start with your pump OFF.
  2. Open the two-way valve if there is one.
  3. Move the multiport valve to “WASTE”.
  4. Turn the pump ON and run until you reach the desired water level.
  5. Turn the pump OFF.
  6. Move the multiport valve back to “FILTER”
  7. Close the two-way valve if there is one.

Can I add an autofill to my pool?

Autofill products are available for new construction and existing in ground pools. The Aqualevel Portable Auto Leveler is the fast and simple way to protect any pool from water evaporation.

Which sensor is best for water level indicator?

stainless steel probe sensors
The best sensor to use in a water level indicator is stainless steel probe sensors. Stainless steel sensors prevent rusting, fouling, and deteriorating due to poor water quality.

What is a level controller?

Liquid-Level Controller is a device used for monitoring and comparing the level of liquid with a set value. The controller sends electric or pneumatic signals to the local control system, main control system or to the automated control valve directly.

What is pool automation system?

Pool Automation is the all-in-one solution for automatic pool maintenance. Technically speaking, the term pool automation concerns the active monitoring (and control) of a pool’s pH and sanitizer levels. The overall purpose of a Pool Automation system is to ensure a consistently high quality of water within a swimming pool at all times.

What is a water controller?

Automatic water level controllers are a product that was created to automatically control a motor , which helps to ensure a constant reserve of water in a storage tank. These automatic water level controllers are used to automatically fill the over-head tank when it starts or has become empty as well as monitor the water level in it.