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How can I ship my dog to Italy?

How can I ship my dog to Italy?

All cats and dogs traveling to Italy must travel in an approved pet carrier/container. The carrier must be big enough for the animal to stand, sit and turn around in during the journey. The container must allow adequate ventilation. If the journey is longer than a few hours, food and drink may need to be supplied.

Which airlines ship pets as cargo?

When purchasing a new puppy or traveling long distance with a large dog, it may be necessary to ship your pet as cargo. While not all major airlines provide this service, American, Continental, Delta and United each offer cargo transport services for dogs, as long as airline safety requirements are met.

Can you ship pets internationally?

Your international pet shipping company or the country’s consulate should be able to advise you on specific animal transport laws. If your pet can be shipped internationally, begin training him or her for the long trip. More than likely, your pet will have to travel as cargo on an international flight.

Do airlines put pets in cargo?

How do pets travel in cargo? If your pet does not fit in a carrier under the seat in front of you, your pet can travel in cargo (also known as the “hold” of the plane). Almost every reputable domestic and international airline offers specialized shipping services for animals that are not allowed in the airplane cabin.

Does Italy quarantine pets?

Italy Pet Passport & Import Regulations There will be no quarantine imposed on your pet as long as the following requirements are met. Unless otherwise stated, the regulations below apply to domestic dogs, cats and ferrets including service and emotional support dogs and cats.

What are the most popular pets in Italy?

Unsurprisingly, dogs and cats are the most popular pet animals among Italians. According to a survey from 2019, 60 percent of Italians pet owners had a dog and 58 percent owned a cat. Other popular pet animals appeared to be fish, turtles, and birds.

Will FedEx Ship dogs?

A. FedEx Express does not accept live-animal shipments as part of its regular-scheduled service and does not transport household pets such as dogs, cats, birds and hamsters. The shipper must have its packaging tested and pre-approved by FedEx Packaging Design and Development for the type of animal being shipped.

How much does it cost to ship pets overseas?

Breakdown of the pet shipping cost Many countries require pets to enter the country as “cargo”. These freight costs range from an estimated $300 to $1200 and vary depending on the airlines. These fees are typically calculated in one of two different ways.

Do pets have to quarantine after flying?

Most popular countries for people to travel to with their dogs don’t require quarantine. This includes most of Europe (including the United Kingdom, which previously had a long quarantine period), the United States (except for Hawaii and the territory of Guam), Canada and Mexico.

How cold is the cargo hold of an airplane?

The cargo hold is pressurized and temperature controlled, with the temp usually at about 20 degrees colder than the cabin (at altitude).

What is it like for a dog to fly in cargo?

Pets are usually on the same flight as their owners, but sometimes scheduling will require pets to fly on different planes, a Delta representative told HuffPost. Though the cargo hold is pressurized, it’s often dark and noisy, with fluctuating temperatures and air pressure.

How many countries does pet air carrier ship to?

Pet Air Carrier, LLC provides door-to-door pet shipping and air travel services for dogs, cats and other animals. We specialize in International pet transportation and ship to over 85 countries.

How does Delta Cargo accept international pet shipments?

Additional fees and charges may apply Delta Cargo only accepts international pet shipments from known shipping companies. Delta requires international customers use a pet shipper approved by the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. Customers would then need to follow acceptance procedures set by the shipper

Is there a company that transports dogs and cats?

Click here to visit IPATA’s Pet Scam page. Pet Air Carrier, LLC provides door-to-door pet shipping and air travel services for dogs, cats and other animals. We specialize in International pet transportation and ship to over 85 countries.

How to book Pet shipping with pet air?

Book reservations online, by phone or by fax. Shipping requirements and helpful hints. Pet Shipping and Pet Transportation Services with Pet Air. At Pet Air we strive to provide affordable, professional animal transportation in the most convenient way for our customer and their pets.