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How are Ponyboy Darry and Sodapop similar and different?

How are Ponyboy Darry and Sodapop similar and different?

Ponyboy is similar to Sodapop because they are both sympathetic individuals who have likable personalities. Ponyboy also struggles to get along with his oldest brother, Darry, while Soda has a good relationship with him. They also have different interests.

How is Sodapops relationship with Darry?

Sodapop is the mediator between Darry and Pony. He is close to Ponyboy, but also supports Darry. He struggles choosing sides between his two brothers when they fight. At the end of the novel, Sodapop tires of listening to Darry and Ponyboy fight, so he runs out of the house.

What are the similarities between Ponyboy and Darry?

Ponyboy and Darry share many similarities throughout the novel. Unlike the majority of the Greasers, both Pony and Darry are intelligent, good-looking, and athletic. Darry was an outstanding football player who even earned an athletic scholarship to play in college, while Pony is a standout track star at his high…

What does Darry think of Sodapop?

Like his brother Darrel, he’s fashion-plate handsome, and since he’s a Curtis, he’s smart, athletic, and hardworking to boot. In contrast to Ponyboy’s conflicted emotions regarding Darry, Pony’s feelings for Soda are entirely positive. He idolizes and loves his older brother and sees how smart he is.

What was the relationship of Sodapop and Darry in the Outsiders?

In The Outsiders, Sodapop and Darry Curtis, Ponyboy’s two older brothers, have a very close and respectful relationship with one another. This is established very early in the book in chapter 1, when Ponyboy tells the reader how Sodapop often teases Darry, while none of the other greasers do.

How are Darry and Sodapop different from the Curtis Brothers?

Darry is serious and adult-like, Sodapop is a heartthrob, and Ponyboy is the baby of the family, quiet and thoughtful. The Curtis brothers have no parents. They died in a car crash. The oldest, Darry, takes care of the other two so they don’t wind up in foster care.

How is Ponyboy different from soda and Darry?

Ponyboy, on the other hand, is sensitive and artistic. Soda doesn’t read books and Darry works too hard, but Ponyboy is “not like them” because he is “interested in a story or drawing a picture” instead. (ch 1) What the boys have in common is that they all consider themselves Greasers.

How old is Sodapop in Darry and Sodapop?

Soda, never very good in school, has dropped out at age 16 and is working to help support the family. Both boys focus on the future of Ponyboy; ensuring his success is the driving force of the family. Perspective is a very important issue that runs throughout this novel.