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Do body lifts affect quality?

Do body lifts affect quality?

A body lift kit raises the body of your vehicle up a few inches while leaving the suspension and wheels at their original height. This is done by adding spacers over the vehicles’ original body mount bushings. This type of lift shouldn’t affect your ride quality or handling in any way.

How do you body lift a Ranger?

Installing the Cab Portion of the Body Lift

  1. Remove the front bumper of your Ford Ranger.
  2. Remove the kick panels from inside the vehicle’s interior with a screwdriver.
  3. Place a hydraulic jack on the driver’s side of the vehicle.
  4. Slide the body-lift pucks into position on top of the factory bushings.

Do you need a lift kit for a Ford Ranger?

Level the stance of your 1998-19 Ford Ranger or increase ground clearance and wheel travel with a 3.5″ system. Fabtech has the right lift kit for every budget. Fabtech’s Upper Control Arm lift kits are the perfect option for Ranger owners looking to increase the tire size and off road capabilities of thier truck.

How does a body lift kit work on a truck?

Body lift kits are designed to lift a truck, suv or Jeep by placing 1″, 2″ or 3″ blocks between the body & frame where the factory mounts reside. Longer high grade bolts are included to replace the factory body mount bolts.

Which is better a body lift kit or suspension lift kit?

Body lift kits have some advantages over a suspension lift kit in that they to not alter the vehicles suspension, in turn not requiring a front end alignment and not requiring extended shock absorbers.

How does a performance accessories body lift work?

Performance Accessories Body lifts are designed to lift a vehicle by placing 2″ or 3″ blocks between the body & frame. Performance accessories lift block’s are constructed of a high grade reinforced nylon block, and the hardware is all grade 5 zinc plated for maximum strength and corrosion protection.