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Do alternate minimums apply to helicopters?

Do alternate minimums apply to helicopters?

Helicopter IFR Alternates The pilot must file for an alternate if weather reports and forecasts at the proposed destination do not meet certain minimums. These minimums differ for Part 91 and Part 135 operators.

What are VFR minimums for helicopters?

14 CFR § 91.155 – Basic VFR weather minimums.

Airspace Flight visibility Distance from clouds
For helicopters:
Day 1/2 statute mile Clear of clouds
Night, except as provided in § 91.155(b) 1 statute mile Clear of clouds.
More than 1,200 feet above the surface but less than 10,000 feet MSL

How many hours do you need to fly Part 135?

Before serving as a PIC in an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) operation, the pilot must have accumulated at least the following flight hour experience: 1,200 total pilot flight hours; 500 cross-country flight hours; 100 night flight hours; 75 actual or simulated instrument flight hours, 50 of which must have been in …

Can a Part 135 operator use single engine aircraft to carry passengers in instrument flight rules IFR weather conditions?

These limitations do not apply to cargo-only FAR Part 135 flights. A. Operation of Single-Engine Airplane and Helicopter Operations in IFR Conditions. In general, FAR 135.181 prohibits the operation of single-engine aircraft (either airplanes or helicopters) while carrying passengers in IFR conditions.

What is part 135 of the FAA code?

Part 135 subpart L addresses safety improvements for commercial helicopter operations through requirements for equipment, pilot testing, alternate airports and increased weather minimums for all General Aviation (GA) helicopter operations.

What’s the minimum takeoff distance under Part 135?

(2) Standard. Under Part 135, the standard takeoff minimum for aircraft with two engines or less is 1 statute mile or 5000 RVR. (There is no standard ceiling.) If you have that, and there are no published non-standard takeoff minimums, you can take off. (3) Landing.

What are the flight rules for a helicopter?

Helicopters must complete the flight to the first airport of intended landing, then fly from that airport to the alternate airport; and then fly after that for 30 minutes at normal cruising speed. Normally, other aircraft are required to have 45 minutes. § 91.169 IFR Flight Plan Requirements (Alternate Minimums)

What do you need to know about 14 CFR Part 135?

This website contains general information on Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 135 certificates, requirements for certification, and the certification process.