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Did HHA go broke?

Did HHA go broke?

As a consequence, HHA will be formally wound up with the loss of more than 70 jobs across its operations in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Perth and Port Hedland. HHA had a high profile as a heavy haul logistics specialist servicing the mining and infrastructure sectors, as well as being a prominent sponsor of V8 Supercars.

What happened to Jon Kelly Heavy Haulage Australia?

In 2015, the Heavy Haulage business hit a bad streak and ended up in liquidation. Jon himself hasn’t reported on the issue, but rumors and court cases suggest that the transport business ended up in a bad trucking deal which resulted in Jon owing the court $78 million.

Who owns HHA Australia?

Owner//Driver: Let’s rewind nearly 10 years. You had your own TV show, a fleet of flash trucks in your business Heavy Haulage Australia (HHA), and from the outside it looked like it was good to be Jon Kelly, what happened?

Does Heavy Haulage Australia still exist?

Heavy Haulage Australia slumped into voluntary administration at the end of June, with administrators Brendan Richards, John Lindholm and Tim Michael from Ferrier Hodgson moving quickly to restructure the business earlier this month. Heavy Haulage’s assets will now be sold privately.

Who is Jon Kelley married to?

Milan Kelley
Jonathan Kelley/Spouse

Is Steve Grahame still driving trucks?

WA trucking legend Steve Grahame – an owner/driver for some 40 years – returns for season two to cart more “construction machinery, parts and materials” from Perth to Uluru to Kununurra “and everywhere in between”.

Who is Jon Kelley wife?

Jonathan Kelley/Wife

Why did heavy haulage Australia go bust?

ADMINISTRATORS have revealed a key reason why Heavy Haulage Australia, star of MegaTruckers and sponsor of V8 racing, went bust. TRANSPORT outfit Heavy Haulage Australia, star of TV series MegaTruckers, went bust partly thanks to failing to accurately cost jobs it worked on, administrators have determined.

How much is heavy haulage Australia worth?

Heavy Haulage Australia was claimed to be worth more than $40 million by Jon, but a different thing was seen when they later tried to sell the firm. It was seen that not only were they finding it difficult to find high paying buyers, but most of the things had to be auctioned.

How much does John Kelly make?

Estimated Career Earnings

Year Salary Earnings
2019 $201,176 $201,176
2019 $48,000 $48,000
2020 $117,600 $117,600
2020 $25,200 $25,200

What is Jon Kelley doing now?

At the national level, Kelley joined Entertainment Studios as an executive producer and on-air personality — and began hosting the new game show “Funny You Should Ask”, which debuted in 2017. He has been host and primary correspondent for the nationally syndicated entertainment show “EXTRA!”.

How old is Kelley?

56 years (August 5, 1965)
Jonathan Kelley/Age
Jon Kelley (born August 5, 1965) is an American sports journalist, author, producer, and television personality. Born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, Kelley played four seasons as a running back for the University of Nebraska before graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast journalism.

Who is the boss of HHA truck company?

That will create some returns. HHA starred in Foxtel’s pay television show Megatruckers, which aired in 2012 with its blunt-speaking boss Jon Kelly. It even sponsored V8 Supercars and creditors to the company told The Courier-Mail that HHA had a great reputation for staff and equipment.

Who are the Big Truckers on MegaTruckers?

Jon Kelly is a BIG trucker moving the BIGGEST loads in a BIG country. When they say a job can’t be done, they call the MegaTruckers. MegaTruckers is a high stakes series based on great characters and the biggest loads you’re likely to see.

When is new series of MegaTruckers on a & E?

MEGATRUCKERS’ Jon Kelly and his convoy from Heavy Haulage Australia are returning to A&E in November for a brand new series. Jon Kelly’s pristine $50million fleet hauls huge loads across the treacherous Australian terrain to the most difficult-to-reach places on earth.

When did megatrucker’s Heavy Haulage Australia start?

It means the loss of 75 jobs in Queensland’s Brisbane and Toowoomba, and Western Australia’s Port Hedland and Perth, at an operation started in 1999. Further, it darkens attempts to recoup almost $65 million for creditors, some of whom have to pay their own subcontractors.