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Did George Best and Rodney Marsh play for Fulham?

Did George Best and Rodney Marsh play for Fulham?

A skilled forward, Marsh played for Manchester City from 1972 to 1976, making 118 league appearances and scoring 36 goals. He also played for Fulham, Queens Park Rangers and Tampa Bay Rowdies.

Was Rodney Marsh good?

He became the first Australian keeper to hit a century by scoring 118 in the first Test against Pakistan at Adelaide in 1972–73. Marsh scored an unbeaten 110 in the second innings of the Centenary Test against England in 1977, becoming the first Australian wicketkeeper to score a Test century against England.

Who did George Best play with at Fulham?

Rodney Marsh
In what can only be described as a master-stroke, Fulham brought not just one of the great entertainers, but two. George Best and Rodney Marsh arrived to link up with Moore to provide a spectacle that I fear we may never see the like of again. Back in 1976 football was not as easy to view.

Did George Best ever play with Bobby Moore?

George joins Fulham 3rd September 1976: Fulham footballers, (left to right) Bobby Moore (1941 – 1993), George Best and Rodney Marsh at Craven Cottage. George, with other famous footballers joins Bobby at the opening of Moore’s new Pub.

What did George Best say about Rodney Marsh?

The sun is shining, bouncing off the bay’s crystal waters, the city is alive and, as for the cocktails, well they are ‘out of this world’. To twist the final word of a famous anecdote involving his great friend George Best, ‘Where did it all go right?’.

Who are some famous people with Rodney Marsh?

Rodney Marsh on his extraordinary life in football… Pele, George Best, Elton John and me… | Daily Mail Online In January 1976, Rodney Marsh stepped off a private jet here in Tampa and thought to himself: ‘This is the life for me.’ Today, at 75, his perspective is untouched.

Where does Rodney Marsh live in the world?

Rodney Marsh lives in Florida with wife of 53 years, Jean, as well as his three grandchildren Gary Neville reveals heartwarming gesture as he vows staff… With each passing day, the soundings of those who maintain… Billionaire Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich will let NHS…

How old was Rodney Marsh when he played for Fulham?

He takes us back to Fulham and his breakthrough as an 18-year-old, so long ago, we joke, that the only footage is in black and white. Marsh, though, was all about colour. ‘The manager at Fulham, Vic Buckingham, said, “If you’re going to play like that I might as well go to Billy Smart’s Circus and sign a clown”.