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Can you store items in a stairwell?

Can you store items in a stairwell?

We should all know that storage of items in an exit enclosure, such as a stairwell, is not permitted by the Life Safety Code. The alcoves are not in the direct path of egress inside the stairwells and appear to have been designed to allow a overlook to the scenery outside the building.

Can you have storage under stairs?

Every home can use more storage. Fortunately, the often-neglected space beneath a staircase provides an ideal spot for drawers and cabinets. This stylish example of under stair storage, built by Ben Herzog Architect, offers a discrete space to stash shoes and other goods.

How do I add storage under stairs?

Turn the unused space under the stairs into a cozy home office. Create a hidden alcove in a playroom by turning the space under the stairs into a secret room for your kids. Turn a closet under the stairs into an artistic opportunity by decking it out with a custom mural, or even chalkboard paint for some versatile art.

What does NFPA say about storage in stairwells?

If the stored materials are combustible, that could further jeopardize the means of egress and create a hazard to life safety. In NFPA 101 (2015) Section is called Usable Space and states: “Open space within the exit enclosure shall not be used for any purpose that has the potential to interfere with egress.”

What is the model code for a stairwell?

The most common model codes used in the US are the International Fire Code (IFC) and NFPA 1: Fire Code. NFPA 1 references NFPA 101 for means of egress requirements, so I would go directly to NFPA 101: Life Safety Code.

When do you need emergency access to a stairwell?

The Building Code (Article requires that in a building over 6 storeys, emergency access is required to be provided out of an exit stairwell to permit people to leave the stairwell and enter a floor area, should the stairwell become blocked by smoke or other obstructions above the exit level.

Are there any fire safety regulations for staircases?

Fire Safety Regulations for Staircase in Any Building! There is a lot of awareness amongst people regarding different types of disasters and natural calamities and, understanding the intensity of harm they can cause; people are quite apprehensive and anxious about them. Fire is one such disaster.