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Can feline leukemia be passed to rabbits?

Can feline leukemia be passed to rabbits?

Adopting a cat with feline leukemia They can live with other species (dogs, bunnies and so on), but must be an only cat or live with other felines who have the disease.

Is feline leukemia contagious to other animals?

Feline leukemia is a disease that only affects cats — it cannot be transmitted to people, dogs, or other animals. FeLV is passed from one cat to another through saliva, blood, and to some extent, urine and feces. The virus does not live long outside the cat’s body — probably just a few hours.

Can cat leukemia be transmitted?

Feline leukemia is generally transmitted through contact with saliva from an infected cat. Certain “social” behaviors such as mutual grooming and sharing food or water bowls can spread the disease.

Can feline leukemia be passed through food?

It is normally spread via saliva, but it can also be spread by grooming, shared food bowls, bites and other forms of close contact. It is typically not spread in urine or feces. It can also be transmitted from a mother cat to a kitten in utero or during nursing.

Is the feline leukemia virus contagious to humans?

The feline leukemia virus, also known as the abbreviation FeLV, is one of the most potent and deadly virus strains to affect cats anywhere in the world.To be brief, it is highly contagious between cats, although the virus cannot be spread through vectors and hosts like humans or other animals that will not display symptoms but can carry it.

Can a cat with feline leukemia be put down?

So, if you’re asking yourself, ‘‘Should a cat with feline leukemia be put down?’’ Absolutely not! A cat with FeLV can live a somewhat normal life! In order for a cat to live a healthy life with FeLV, you will need to make sure that your cat receives: High quality feed. Environment free of stress.

Where does the feline leukemia virus come from?

The virus is shed in saliva, nasal secretions, urine, feces, and milk of infected cats. Cat-to-cat transfer of the virus may occur from a bite wound, during mutual grooming, and (rarely) through the shared use of litter boxes and feeding dishes.

How to test for feline AIDS and leukemia?

If you have never had your cats tested for feline AIDS or Leukemia, you have found a stray or there are sick cats in your area, we strongly recommend that they be tested. It is a simple blood test that takes about 10 minutes to run and is $25.