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Will there be a new Devil May Cry 6?

Will there be a new Devil May Cry 6?

According to inside source, Dust Golem, Devil May Cry 6 is confirmed to be in development, but it will be “several years” before fans get to see the final product. Fans of the series have long-awaited another installment to the Devil May Cry series since the overwhelmingly successful release of DMC 5 in 2019.

Is Devil May Cry 5 available on PS4?

Devil May Cry 5[a] is an action-adventure hack and slash video game developed and published by Capcom. It is the sixth installment in the franchise and the fifth installment of the mainline Devil May Cry series, and was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 8, 2019.

Is Devil May Cry 5 a reboot?

While overloaded to the point of exhausting, Devil May Cry V is another brilliant reboot from Capcom and a genre-capping turn from the series that made hack-and-slash an artform.

Will Devil May Cry special edition be on PS4?

Our dev team has been hard at work in getting DMC5SE ready to launch the same day as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, so Vergil will be arriving on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC just a few weeks after that, on December 15th, 2020 and will cost just US$4.99 / €4.99 / £3.99.

Is Devil May Cry a good game?

Devil May Cry is a very good series for the most part. DMC1 was my second PS2 game, and i find the combat to be very fun, the characters and story to be interesting, and i like the whole atmosphere of the series. DMC1 is a great game, kind of has a Resident Evil survial horror atmosphere, though a bit different as well, thats because it started development as a resident evil title.

What is the special edition of Devil May Cry 4?

Platform(s): Special Edition only: Devil May Cry 4 is the fourth installment of Devil May Cry game series. In Devil May Cry 4, the player controls both Nero, a new character, and Dante, the series’s main protagonist, while they fight demons using firearms and melee weapons in a hack and slash, shoot ’em up setting.

What is Devil May Cry About?

Devil May Cry. Devil May Cry (Japanese: デビル メイ クライ, Hepburn: Debiru Mei Kurai) is an action-adventure hack and slash video game series developed and published by Capcom and created by Hideki Kamiya . The series centers on the character Dante’s efforts to avenge his mother’s murder by exterminating demons.