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Why is the examination of the peripheral blood film important in the investigation of an anemia?

Why is the examination of the peripheral blood film important in the investigation of an anemia?

Examination of the peripheral smear is an important part of the workup of patients with anemia. Examination of the erythrocytes shows microcytic and hypochromic red blood cells in chronic iron deficiency anemia.

How is PBF test done?

The peripheral blood film (PBF) is a laboratory work-up that involves cytology of peripheral blood cells smeared on a slide. As basic as it is, PBF is invaluable in the characterization of various clinical diseases. This article highlights the basic science and art behind the PBF.

How do you confirm that patient is suffering from iron deficiency anemia?

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Iron-Deficiency Anemia?

  1. Being pale or having yellow “sallow” skin.
  2. Unexplained fatigue or lack of energy.
  3. Shortness of breath or chest pain, especially with activity.
  4. Unexplained generalized weakness.
  5. Rapid heartbeat.
  6. Pounding or “whooshing” in the ears.
  7. Headache, especially with activity.

What are the symptoms of iron deficiency?

Iron deficiency occurs when your body’s iron stores become depleted. “Iron deficiency means a patient has low levels of iron,” explains Ali. “Common symptoms and signs are fatigue, tired feeling, and low energy. You may also notice your skin and nails starting to look very pale.”.

What causes iron – Def anemia?

Iron-deficiency anemia is caused by blood loss, insufficient dietary intake, or poor absorption of iron from food. Sources of blood loss can include heavy periods, childbirth, uterine fibroids, stomach ulcers, colon cancer, and urinary tract bleeding.

How do you treat iron deficiency?

You can treat iron deficiency anemia by taking iron supplements. Most people take 150-200 milligrams (mg) each day, but your doctor will recommend a dose based on your iron levels. Take vitamin C, too.

What are the treatments for iron deficiency anemia?

Treatment for iron-deficiency anemia will depend on its cause and severity. Treatments may include dietary changes and supplements, medicines, and surgery. Severe iron-deficiency anemia may require a blood transfusion, iron injections, or intravenous (IV) iron therapy.