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Why is black fluid coming out of my ear?

Why is black fluid coming out of my ear?

It may mean your ear canal isn’t emptying earwax out as efficiently as it should. This can cause side effects, such as hearing loss, but it’s rarely an emergency. However, if you begin seeing black, dark, or bloody earwax and you feel dizzy or experience hearing loss, make an appointment to see your doctor.

How do I know if my ferret has an ear infection?

The most common symptoms of otitis externa and otitis media are pain, head shaking, scratching at the external ear flaps, and bad-smelling crust emanating from the ears. Although the presence of a red-brown or black crust is not detrimental in and of itself, the putrid smell may be an indication of a serious infection.

How do you treat a ferret ear infection?

Treatment of Inflammation of the Middle and Outer Ear Canal in Ferrets. The vast majority of ear infections can be treated via the use of a simple topical antibacterial drug. This usually takes the form of a liquid that is dropped into the ferret’s ear using a pipette, and which quickly kills off the bacteria within.

Why are my ferrets ears dirty?

From time to time, ferrets get dirty ears. If you notice very dark brown or black debris or any noticeable discharge a trip to the vet is in order to rule out yeast infections or ear mite infestations. Left untreated, both conditions can turn into severe health compromises in your pet ferret.

What should the wax look like on a ferret’s ear?

To keep your ferret healthy, it is important to make sure her ears are free of debris and discharge. Ferrets’ ear wax should be red, brown, or gold colored. If you notice very dark brown or black debris or discharge, be sure to take your ferret to your Vet. Your ferret may have an ear infection or ear mites.

Why does my ferret have scabs on his ear?

In severe cases, excessive and severe scratching produces scratches, scrapes, and crusty scabs inside the ear canal and around the external ear. Mites can be idenitfied by analyzing ear discharge under the microscope. “Ear mites are common in pet ferrets.”

Is it normal for a ferret to have ear mites?

A third reason is that, although a thick, reddish brown to black, waxy discharge is commonly observed in ferrets suffering from ear mite infestation, it is also normal for ferrets to have a brown ear wax. Therefore, a diagnosis of ear mite infestation cannot be made by merely observing the color of a ferret’s ear wax.

Is it safe to clean a ferret’s ears?

Cleaning ferrets’ ears safely and regularly can help prevent infections and ear mites. Cleaning your ferret’s ears during or after a bath is also recommended. It’s important to make sure that extra soap and water residue is removed from your ferret’s ears when she has a bath.