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Why did the Pyne Gould building collapse?

Why did the Pyne Gould building collapse?

The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission found that the PGC building had a number of ‘critical structural weaknesses’. While noting that ‘a number of different failure mechanisms … individually or in combination may have caused the collapse’, it concluded that it was initiated by the failure of the eastern wall.

Does Christchurch have earthquake proof buildings?

In Christchurch today, a white powdery compound, a cathedral made of cardboard and a hangar-like laboratory where earthquakes are created are all part of New Zealand’s response to that catastrophe five-and-a-half years ago.

How many people died in the PGC building?

Eighteen people
The PGC building in Cambridge Tce collapsed in the February 2011 earthquake, killing 18 people and trapping many others. Eighteen people died in the collapsed PGC building, but rescue efforts after the deadly February 2011 quake struck meant many people were saved.

What was name of building that collapsed in Christchurch earthquake?

The four-storey Pyne Gould Corporation building collapsed, and many people were feared trapped inside. Rescue workers frantically try to find those trapped inside the Pyne Gould Corporation building. Rescue workers help during the Christchurch earthquake. Measurements from the quake drum from McQueens Valley as the earthquake struck.

Who was killed in the PGC building in Christchurch?

Christchurch earthquake victim Amanda Hooper died in the PGC building, where she worked for Marac Finance. Hooper found his daughters safe, but his wife was not there. He had tried calling her as he headed into the city, but couldn’t get through.

Who are missing in the New Zealand earthquake?

12.48am The New Zealand Herald has reported that 20 Chinese students are listed as missing in the Christchurch quake disaster. 11.17pm Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s message in the condolence book for victims of the Christchurch earthquake at the the New Zealand High Commission in Canberra / AAP

Where was the epicentre of the New Zealand earthquake?

7.52am A number of aftershocks have hit Christchurch today, according to GeoNet. Each of the nine aftershocks measured since midnight local time measured between 3.1 and 3.8 and were centred either 10km east of Christchurch or near Lyttleton, which was the epicentre of this week’s major quake.