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Who is the gangster of Karachi?

Who is the gangster of Karachi?

Uzair Jan Baloch (Urdu/Balochi: عزیر جان بلوچ‎) is a Pakistani gangster and former crime lord originally from Karachi, Pakistan….

Uzair Baloch
Opponent(s) Arshad Papu gang MQM
Criminal status Incarcerated at Karachi Central Jail
Spouse(s) Samina Uzair
Parent(s) Faiz Mohammad Baloch (father); (deceased)

What is Lyari famous for?

Lyari is known as a football hotbed in Pakistan. Many of the nation’s top players come from the area. Football is very popular & Lyarians were excited about the FIFA World Cup . During the World Cup season, people raise flags of every country especially Brazil.

Are there gangsters in Pakistan?

The Pakistani mafia is involved in drug trafficking, assassination, land grabbing, arms smuggling and various other illegal activities. Other known gangsters from Pakistan are Rehman Dakait of the Peoples’ Aman Committee. Pakistan is also home to large drug cartels which export heroin created in Afghanistan.

How did Arpud Pappu died?

Pappu, another notorious gangster, was killed along with his brother Arafat and an aide Jumma Shera by Uzair’s gang, known as Peoples Amn Committee, in Lyari and their bodies were desecrated.

Who was the leader of the Lyari gang?

The targeted operation began on September 7, 2013 and since then more than a thousand suspects have been arrested. The Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan recently declared the first phase of the operation a success. Notorious Lyari gang leader, Noor Muhammad alias Baba Ladla was killed in Lyari during a shootout with Pakistani Rangers.

What was the purpose of Operation Lyari in Pakistan?

Operation Lyari. Operation Lyari is a Pakistan Government crackdown against local gangs and other crime syndicates and part of the greater Karachi Operation .

Who was the Interior Minister during the Lyari raid?

The Interior Minister Rehman Malik after conferring with the President and other PPP members decided to start an operation to seize and destroy the Lyari gangs. The Lyari operation commenced on April 27, 2012. Uzair’s house was raided, with the criminal eluding capture.

Who was the PPP member who was killed in Lyari?

Rival gangs began to kill his men. Uzair Jan felt betrayed and blamed the current activism against him on the PPP politicians of Lyari such as Malik Mohammad Khan along with National Assembly member from Lyari Nabeel Gabol and MPA Saleem Hingoro.