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Who does grant and Weber collect for?

Who does grant and Weber collect for?

GRANT & WEBER has proudly been a partner of Temenos since 2011. The GRANT & WEBER connector is designed to allow financial institutions to take advantage of both Pre-Charge Off Account management and Charge off Collections directly in the Temenos Collection and Recovery modules.

How do I pay Weber grant?

How To Complete Payment To Grant & Weber Online (Bill Pay) You can complete payment to Grant & Webber online through their portal at: .

Who is Grant Weber?

Grant & Weber is a debt collection agency located in Calabasas, California. It has been in business since 1977 and provides debt collection services for healthcare providers across the country.

Where is Grant and Weber in Las Vegas?

Nevada Corporation – Grant & Weber,…

Fort Apache Rd Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 366-7008 Office (702) 597-5539 Fax (800) 947-1656 Toll Free Grant & Weber Arizona,…

Gilbert Road Suite 106-475 Gilbert, AZ 85295 (866)-838-7827 Office.

What kind of Business is Grant and Weber?

GRANT & WEBER is a nationwide Revenue Solutions and Receivables Management corporation which has proudly served business partners since 1977.

How did Sabrina at Grant and Weber help?

In our case, we moved out of state and never received a final bill from a hospital. Once Sabrina at Grant and Weber was involved, and given this was the only collection we ever had to deal with in two decades, she helped and went out of her way to coach us to make sure we didn’t have a negative impact to our credit.

What did Eric at Grant and Weber say?

Eric at Grant and Weber yelled and simply refused to listen to what is going on with my account , whereas the other agency advised to contact Grant wnd Weber, asked them to cooperate to confirm they hold duplicate bills.E Eric Yelled that I tried to dispute their report on credit bureau , who wouldn’t when I have to pay same bill twice ?????????