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Who are the members of the band Bad Company?

Who are the members of the band Bad Company?

Bad Company are an English rock band formed in Albury, Surrey in 1973 by singer Paul Rodgers, guitarist Mick Ralphs, drummer Simon Kirke and later adding bassist Boz Burrell. Peter Grant, who managed the rock band Led Zeppelin, also managed Bad Company until 1982. Bad Company enjoyed great success throughout the 1970s.

What was the worst selling Bad Company album?

The album was the worst selling Bad Company album of those that had Paul Rodgers as the front man. The album peaked at No. 15 in the UK and No. 26 in the US. After the release of Rough Diamonds, Bad Company disbanded. Mick Ralphs said, “Paul wanted a break and truthfully we all needed to stop.

Who are the directors of the worst horror movies?

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When did bad company go on tour in the UK?

Bad Company scheduled a British tour with the band of former Free member Paul Kossoff, Back Street Crawler, to support the album, as well as a new album by Back Street Crawler. This double headline tour was scheduled to commence on 25 April 1976 but was halted due to Kossoff’s death on 19 March 1976.

What was the meaning of the movie Bad Company?

A group of naive boys find that life as desperadoes in the west is more serious that they understood when they embark on abortive careers in bushwhacking. Violence, betrayal, sombre colours and a Beckettsian whimsy mark this ironic western.

Who is the new bass player for Bad Company?

In addition, they hired Steve Price as the new bass player and Greg Dechert (ex- Uriah Heep) on keyboards.