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Where is the gerenuk located?

Where is the gerenuk located?

Gerenuks make their home on the dry savannahs of East Africa. One of the most desert-adapted antelopes, gerenuks are able to survive for long periods without water. The males with their lyre-shaped horns are usually found overseeing small herds of females and their calves.

What does gerenuk mean?

What is a gerenuk? The gerenuk, whose name means “giraffe-necked” in Somali, is an exceptionally long-necked antelope. Their head is small for their size, but their eyes and ears are large.

How tall is a gerenuk?

They are between 3 and 3.5 feet tall (90-105 cm) at the shoulder; range from 4.6 to 5.3 feet (140-160 cm) long; and weigh between 65 and 110 pounds (30-50 kg).

How long is a gerenuks neck?

The smooth coat is a reddish fawn, with the underparts and front of neck being white. Along the back is a darker band or saddle, which reaches partly down the sides. The neck is long and slender – only 18-26 cm / 7-10 inches in diameter – and has led to the gerenuk’s name of ‘giraffe-gazelle’.

How tall does a gerenuk stand on its hind legs?

Gerenuks are adaptable eaters. They are herbivores and use their long necks to reach up for high growing plants, sometimes as high as 6 – 8 feet. They are able to stand on their hind legs to feed, using their forelegs to pull down branches of trees.

How tall is a gerenuk antelope in feet?

Gerenuk is very tall with a very smooth coat. It resembles a tall gazelle. It is a species of an antelope which belongs to the family of the gazelle. It has a long slender neck and four slender legs or limbs. It has large round ears and a small flat wedge-like head. The males are larger and taller than the female.

What kind of horns does a gerenuk have?

Only male gerenuks have horns which are stout and heavily ringed and a more muscular neck than female gerenuks. Gerenuks measure around 150 centimetres in length.

What kind of animals eat a gerenuk calf?

Lions, cheetah, leopard, wild dogs, are on top of the list. Hyena will kill and eat the injured gerenuk. They also kill and eat the young gerenuk especially the newborn. A hyena will search through the grasses to see if it can come across a gerenuk calf that has been hidden by its mother.