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Where is Jan kuehnemund buried?

Where is Jan kuehnemund buried?

Kuehnemund, who appeared in the film, ‘The Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years’, died after a lengthy battle with cancer. Musician….Jan Kuehnemund.

Original Name Janice Lynn Kuehnemund
Death 10 Oct 2013 (aged 59) Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, USA
Burial Unknown
Memorial ID 118533429 · View Source

Which member of Vixen died?

Jan Kuehnemund

Jan Kuehnemund
Died October 10, 2013 (aged 59) Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.
Genres Hard rock, glam metal, pop rock
Occupation(s) Guitarist, vocalist, songwriter
Instruments Guitar, vocals

What happened to the rock band Vixen?

“It is with profound sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Vixen founder and lead guitarist, Jan Kuehnemund, who lost a fierce battle with cancer on Thursday, October 10, 2013.

Who is the new lead singer for Vixen?

Lorraine Lewis
On January 22, they announced that Lorraine Lewis of Femme Fatale, Vixen’s contemporaries during the glam metal heyday and also an all-female band from its refoundation in 2013 until its dissolution later in 2019, became their new singer, starting with a performance on February 9 in Clearwater, Florida.

Who was the guitarist for the band Vixen?

Vixen guitarist Jan Kuehnemund has died aged 51. The founding member of the ’80s glam metal rock band passed away on Thursday (October 10) after a prolonged battle with cancer, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Born in 1961 in St Paul, Minnesota, Kuehnemund formed Vixen in high school with singer Janet Gardner.

When did Jan Kuehnemund leave the band Vixen?

The band’s album sales declined and they were dropped from their record label. Vixen disbanded in 1991, but formed again in 1997 without Kuehnemund, while she was working on side project Drawing Down the Moon. Kuehnemund sued and won the rights to the band’s name.

When did the band Vixen come to prominence?

Vixen (band) Vixen is an American rock band. They achieved commercial success during the late 1980s and early 1990s as part of the Los Angeles, California glam metal scene. Vixen is described and hailed as “the female Bon Jovi .”.

When does the new Vixen album Come Out?

In March 2017, Vixen parted ways with lead guitarist Gina Stile and chose Britt Lightning (b. Brittany Denaro) to succeed Stile. Lightning previously played in Jaded, another all-female band that is defunct. Initially, in a June 2018 interview, Petrucci said that the band’s new album will come out in 2019.