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Where do I find my MSPA certification Code?

Where do I find my MSPA certification Code?

You must go to your Shopper Profile Page and enter in a certification code. This is the code you were given when you passed the MSPA certification procedure.

What is an MSPA certificate?

MSPA Shopper Certification. The MSPA recognises that Mystery Shopping is a profession, not just a hobby. As is the case of other professions, we believe that a means of addressing shopper standardisation, education and certification is an absolute necessity.

How to become MSPA?

To obtain MSPA certifications, you must subscribe to MSPA. According to the MSPA website, the membership is free for a subscriber membership. There is a Plus membership option for $30/year which offers reduced course fees.

How can I become a mystery shopper in India?

Understand the Concept of Mystery Shopping

  1. Design an audit. Take our expert services. to design a custom audit.
  2. Get Relevant. Shoppers. We match the most relevant. mystery shopper for you from. our database.
  3. Shopper. conducts audit. Mystery Shopper collects unbiased inputs about the shopping experience.
  4. Quality.

What do you need to know about MSPA Americas?

MSPA Americas offers certification (membership is required to obtain certification) to educate independent contractors. Certification programs allow you to make informed decisions and professional improvements for yourself and your industry. There are a number of private companies who may offer certification programs.

What does it mean to have MSPA gold certification?

Those independent contractors who achieve their Gold Certification are signaling to MSPA Americas provider companies that they have been trained in the advanced essentials of mystery shopping. Gold Certification demonstrates that an independent contractor has invested the time and resources to study and become an expert mystery shopper.

How to get a mystery shopper certification ( MSPA )?

Mystery shopping companies contract with workers who shop, dine or stay incognito and then write up reports about their consumer experiences. The MSPA’s certification program trains prospective mystery shoppers on two levels.

Where can I get A MspA certification online?

In most situations, certifications can be completed online. Certifications are also offered as part of the ShopperFest each June. All courses should be completed on a PC or Mac. Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, may not compatible with the certification courses.