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Where can I buy Craftsman tool replacement parts?

Where can I buy Craftsman tool replacement parts?

Tool Parts Direct sells Craftsman Tool Replacement Parts. If you would like to buy new Craftsman Power Tools, please visit

Where can I find parts for a craftsman chainsaw?

Use the Craftsman 16 36cc chainsaw parts diagram on our Sears PartsDirect website to easily find the Sears Craftsman chainsaw parts you need to fix any failure. We also carry parts for other popular chain saw models. We have Craftsman 18 inch 42cc chainsaw parts and Craftsman chainsaw 18 inch 40 cc parts.

What kind of tools are compatible with Craftsman cordless tools?

Each feature LED state-of-charge indicators, and are compatible with all CRAFTSMAN V20* tools and equipment. Our full line of V20* cordless products include brushed and brushless power tools, outdoor power equipment, lights, radios, vacuums, and more.

Is the Craftsman 8 function digital multimeter included?

The rubberized jacket is very stiff and hard to remove. It takes a 9V battery that is NOT included. Other than that, it works fine as a multimeter. It isn’t a fancy Fluke model and doesn’t have a clamp ammeter, but it is a very nice consumable multimeter.

Where do I Find my Craftsman model number?

Once you have found your model number, use the search field below to determine which service outlet will best be able to serve you. It’s important to note that CRAFTSMAN develops some tools in partnership; if this includes your tool, we’ll direct you to a partner’s site.

Where can I get old craftsman Planer parts?

Trust Sears PartsDirect to have the Craftsman planer parts you need to fix the equipment quickly when a failure occurs. We also have old Craftsman planer parts that you may need if you have a vintage model.

How does the Craftsman 4V Max cordless screwdriver work?

This is an amazing gyroscopic screwdriver with a super bright work light, you simply press the button and twist your wrist which ever way you want to turn the screw. The torque and speed is adjusted by the amount you twist your wrist. Battery has lasted a month using it on 35 to 100 tv screws 4 days a week. Still have half charge!

Which is Craftsman 36 tooth 1 / 2 in drive?

1/2-in Drive Iconic 36 Tooth Ratchet is durably constructed for speed, comfort, and balance for more overall productivity. A full polish finish with a forged ergonomic handle allows for comfortable use when putting your weight behind a bolt

How many amps does a Craftsman power tool have?

Around the house, you can count on CRAFTSMAN power tools to make projects run smoothly. Powered by an impressive CRAFTSMAN 19.2-Volt Battery, you’ll enjoy an average of 2.6 amp-hours. This means you’ll get more done on a single charge. Or you can buy a spare to switch out for faster changing and continuous power.

Is the Craftsman brand an authentic American brand?

We’re CRAFTSMAN, an authentic American icon. For nearly a century, we’ve been the brand that homeowners, home builders, auto enthusiasts and master mechanics trust. Today’s CRAFTSMAN continues that legacy.

Where can I find Craftsman outdoor power equipment parts?

Find a variety of lawn equipment parts here that will help you maintain your Craftsman outdoor power equipment, including equipment covers, fuel filters, and tools. You simply need to enter the product code shown on the product serial number in the box and select your language, click “Search” and Download it.

Where can I get Craftsman line trimmer parts?

Trust Sears PartsDirect to have the Craftsman line trimmer parts you need to fix the equipment quickly when a failure occurs. We have Craftsman weed eater parts to fit popular models such as Craftsman 29cc 4 cycle gas trimmers and Craftsman 98020 models.