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When did Spiderland by Slint come out?

When did Spiderland by Slint come out?

Spiderland is the second and final studio album by the American rock band Slint. It was released on March 27, 1991, through Touch and Go Records.

Who is the singer of the band Spiderland?

Recorded by their friend Brian Paulson, Spiderland would forge a new indie-rock lexicon by applying hardcore’s emotional intensity to music that, formalistically speaking, was its complete inverse.

What kind of music is Spiderland by Talk Talk?

Spiderland has become a landmark indie rock album and is considered, along with Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock, to have been the primary catalyst of the post-rock genre. The album is also regarded as being essential to “the fabric of math-rock genre”.

Which is the sixth track from Spiderland?

A sample of “Good Morning, Captain”, the sixth track from Spiderland. This sample contains part of the song’s second verse. Problems playing these files? See media help.

Spiderland (Touch & Go, 1991) is a masterpieces in rock history. Leveraging from experiments of preceding years, Slint is now completing a more sophisticated search on rhythm and resonance, culminating in an almost transcendental quality.

Who is Piero Scaruffi and what does he do?

Piero Scaruffi (born 26 April 1955) is an Italian-American freelance software consultant and university lecturer who maintains a music website on which his reviews are published. Scaruffi also reviews many films.

Who are the band members of Slint Spiderland?

Slint’s lineup at the time featured Brian McMahan on vocals and guitar, David Pajo on guitar, Todd Brashear on bass guitar and Britt Walford on drums. Spiderland was engineered by Brian Paulson and recorded over four days in August 1990. The music and vocal melodies were written over the summer of 1990, with the lyrics composed in studio.