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What Tracfones are compatible with SafeLink wireless?

What Tracfones are compatible with SafeLink wireless?

Top 15 SafeLink compatible phones for 2021

  • Google Pixel 4 XL. Google Pixel 4 XL comes with Android version 10 and has a resolution of 3040×1440 pixels.
  • LG G8 ThinQ.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10.
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro.
  • Motorola Edge.
  • LG Fiesta 2 4G LTE.
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro 4G.
  • LG Phoenix 3.

Do Tracfones work on SafeLink?

SAFELINK WIRELESS® is a program provided by TracFone Wireless, Inc. serving eligible households. SAFELINK WIRELESS® service is limited to one person per household. TracFone Wireless is the largest “No-Contract” cellular service provider in the U.S. with over 20 million subscribers.

What kind of smartphone does SafeLink give you?

The company offers phones from several retailers, including Nokia, Motorola, LG and Kyocera. The type of phone Safelink Wireless customers are offered depends on where in the country they live and which minute plan they choose.

Can I put my SafeLink SIM card in a TracFone?

A. You cannot do that because a SIM card becomes locked to a Tracfone phone (sister company of Safelink Wireless, where they get the phones) the moment the phone they sent you is powered up. After than, it becomes “unusable” in any other phone or with any other provider.

Is TracFone and SafeLink the same thing?

It’s not uncommon to see “SafeLink” and “TracFone” used interchangeably, but the mix-up is understandable. Long story short, TracFone is SafeLink’s parent company, and SafeLink itself is a service provided by TracFone Wireless, Inc.

How do contact a live person for SafeLink Wireless?

Below are steps to contact SafeLink Wireless customer service and get a live person on the phone: Dial 1-800-723-3546. Press 1 for English. Press 5 at the main menu.

What phones are compatible with Tracfone?

Top 8 Best Phones Compatible With Tracfone Nokia 6.1. The Nokia 6.1 is made from one block of aluminum, making it durable and stylish. Apple iPhone SE. One of the primary reasons why many people are switching to the Bring Your Own Phone program is to use iPhone with Tracfone services. Google Pixel 3a. Motorola G6/Motorola G6 Play. Moto G7. Samsung Galaxy A50. Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro.

What phones work with SafeLink?

Safelink works on both Tracfone CDMA and GSM phones. They send out CDMA or GSM depending on what their records show works in your area. As for the model, Safelink usually sends out whatever low-end bottom of the barrel phones they have hanging around.