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What soap is best for smelly feet?

What soap is best for smelly feet?

At least once a day, use an antibacterial soap like Hibiclens Antiseptic Skin Cleanser and a soft-bristled brush to wash your feet thoroughly. Hibiclens has a foaming action that will help reach between toes.

How do you get rid of stinky feet smell?

Try these steps:

  1. Be clean. Wash your feet every day.
  2. Wear the right socks. Cotton, some wools, and special knits made for athletes will absorb sweat and allow your feet to breathe.
  3. Make sure your shoes aren’t too tight.
  4. Switch shoes.
  5. Kill those germs.
  6. Wash shoes or insoles.
  7. Avoid shoes made of plastic.
  8. Go barefoot.

How does hibiscrub help me Cure my smelly feet?

A friend recently asked me if hibiscrub is good for smelly feet. The short answer; yes it is. All antibacterial soaps, scrubs, and cleansers are helpful when it comes to curing stinky feet. How does Hibiscrub help me cure my smelly feet?

What kind of soap should I use to wash my feet?

That’s why, for washing your sweaty smelly feet, I recommend Hibiscrub. It’s a popular choice. Many people use it to reduce the amount of odor causing bacteria on their feet.

How long can you use hibiscrub on your feet?

Since most of us don’t take the time to wash our feet that thoroughly we can benefit from stronger soaps such as HibiScrub. What’s special about HibiScrub? HibiScrub is a powerful antiseptic, antimicrobial skin cleanser that kills smell causing bacteria but also can protect the skin for up to 24 hours after the initial application.

Why do doctors wash their hands with hibiscrub?

Most drug stores carry it HibiScrub. It’s basically a surgical scrub, you know, what hospitals use. Surgeons and other medical personnel wash their hands with it to reduce the spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Aren’t all soaps antibacterial? Yes, in fact they are. But it’s for a reason surgeons use surgical scrub during their work.