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What should a test plan contain?

What should a test plan contain?

A test plan includes a product description, objectives, testing strategies, scope, schedule, procedures, testing resources, and deliverables. Test plans are essential in the development of software as they outline what testing needs doing to ensure the software is up to standard and is working exactly how it should.

What is test plan list all the items of a complete test plan?

A test plan is a detailed document which describes software testing areas and activities. It outlines the test strategy, objectives, test schedule, required resources (human resources, software, and hardware), test estimation and test deliverables. The test plan is a base of every software’s testing.

What are the contents of test report?

Basic Test Report Summary Executive Overview — Summary of key findings. Test Objective — Information about test type and purpose. Test Summary — Defining passed, failed, and blocked test cases. Defects — Described with priority and status.

What should be included in a master test plan document?

A test plan document shall have the following structure:

  • Test-plan identifier.
  • Introduction.
  • Test items.
  • Features to be tested.
  • Features not to be tested.
  • Approach.
  • Item pass/fail criteria.
  • Suspension criteria and resumption requirements.

What should be included in a test plan document?

Scope: In this section of test plan document, the scope of testing is identified at high level. You might also need to explicitly mention some features which are out of scope. Test Items: List down the test items with release version and module details that are targeted for testing.

What is the latest version of the test plan template?

UP Template Version: 12/31/07 Note to the Author [This document is a template of a Test Plan document for a project. The template includes instructions to the author, boilerplate text, and fields that should be replaced with the values specific to the project.

How to identify deliverables for a test plan?

Major Deliverables: Identify the deliverable documents. You can list the following documents: Department/Business Area Bus. Manager Tester (s) Identify significant constraints on testing, such as test-item availability, testing-resource availability, and deadlines.

What are the pass / fail criteria in Test Plan document?

Let us have a look at the item pass/fail criteria from a sample test plan document of web application: Suspension Criteria: Any situation which impedes the ability to continue testing or value in performing testing lead to suspend testing activities.