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What kind of splint is used for scaphoid fracture?

What kind of splint is used for scaphoid fracture?

Once there is clinical healing on radiographs, the immobilization phase is usually over. Typically a thumb spica orthosis is then used for comfort and protection. The 3pp Ez FIT ThumSpica Splint is ideal for protection of the wrist and thumb following a scaphoid fracture.

How do you immobilize a scaphoid fracture?

Scaphoid waist fractures without significant displacement are usually treated non-operatively by immobilization in a cast. Traditionally, most have recommended cast immobilization until bridging bone trabeculae is seen which often has rendered a plaster cast for 10–12 weeks.

What type of cast is used for a scaphoid fracture?

In instances where casts are used, the typical recommendation is for immobilization between 9-12 weeks [4, 5] with some advocating the use of a long arm thumb spica cast (LATSC) for 4-6 weeks followed by a short arm thumb spica cast (SATSC) for an additional 6-8 weeks [6, 7].

Do I need a cast for a fractured scaphoid?

The cast is usually worn for 6-12 weeks until the scaphoid bone heals. In some cases, it may be needed for longer. If a scaphoid fracture is displaced, surgery may be advised. A small screw or a special pin is inserted into the scaphoid bone to hold the bone fragments together in the correct position.

What is healing time for scaphoid fracture?

How high up to extend the cast (above or below elbow) depends on physician preference. Your doctor will continue to monitor the wrist both by examination and x-ray assessment to ensure there is healing of the bone. Healing of a scaphoid fracture often takes 10 to 12 weeks.

Does a scaphoid fracture need a surgery?

If you receive proper treatment and restrict activity with your hand, a scaphoid fracture may heal without surgery . Your doctor will likely recommend casting if it appears that the bones may heal on their own. The cast immobilizes your wrist, so the pieces of bone to fuse back together.

What is a non-displaced scaphoid fracture?

Scaphoid Non-Union Occasionally a scaphoid fracture is not diagnosed at the time of injury. If the fracture is not treated and the wrist is used normally, the motion across the fracture site can prevent the fracture from healing. A fracture that has not healed is called a non-union.