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What kind of person is Eddie buried onions?

What kind of person is Eddie buried onions?

Eddie is the protagonist of the novel. He is 19 years old and has lived his entire life in the barrio of Fresno. He is a person of good morals, claiming that he does not even curse because he believes it is wrong.

What does the onion represent in Buried Onions?

In Gary Soto’s novel Buried Onions, the most powerful recurring motif is the onion. The onion is a symbol for the tears which are shed by those who are part of the poverty ridden Mexican-American neighborhood in Fresno where Eddie grows up.

What is the theme of Buried Onions by Gary Soto?

Some of the major themes in this novel include racism, family, and hardship. As a Mexican youth living in the violence and poverty of the barrio, Eddie is well acquainted with the racist attitudes that oppress him and his hispanic acquaintances.

Who is the narrator of the book Buried onions?

The novel guides us through several weeks in the life of Eddie, a nineteen-year-old Mexican American and the narrator of this first-person story. Eddie strives to be responsible, is mostly honest, and attempts gamely to understand the world around him in a way that allows him to continue on for another day.

What happens at the murder of Jesus in buried onions?

The murder of Jesus is the backdrop for much of the action in the novel. Eddie’s aunt bribes him with burritos and brings him a gun to seek revenge for the death of Jesus, pushing hard against Eddie’s own instincts to stay out of it.

Who is Mr Stiles in the book Buried onions?

While curb-painting on the more prosperous north side of Fresno, Eddie runs into an elderly gentleman, Mr. Stiles, who hires Eddie for more than just street numbers. Eddie becomes Mr. Stiles’ landscaper, digging big holes for birch trees and other plantings.

What are the features of the apartment in buried onions?

The fridge and its container of ice water, together with the swamp cooler, are the apartment’s prominent features. There also is a small garage where Eddie keeps his bicycle, his primary mode of transportation. Eddie stays afloat via odd jobs, the premiere of which is his street number painting operation.