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What kind of camera is the Olympus XZ-2?

What kind of camera is the Olympus XZ-2?

The Olympus XZ-2 enthusiast compact camera features a 12MP 1/1.7″ back-illumination CMOS sensor and touch-screen. The XZ-2 features the same 28-112mm equivalent F1.8-2.5 lens as the XZ-1 but adds a more modern sensor, screw-on hand grips, tilting touch-screen and a two-mode control dial around the lens.

What kind of battery does stylus XZ-2 use?

The Stylus XZ-2 uses the same LI-90B battery as the Tough T-G1 with a rating of 1270mAh which provides sufficient power for 310 shots on a full charge, marginally down from the 320 shots of the XZ-1 which used the smaller LI-50B.

How does one mode work on Olympus XZ-2 IHS?

In one mode the dial features click-stops, allowing control over discrete features such as aperture or exposure compensation, but flip the switch on the front of the camera and the ring rotates smoothly, and switches to controlling zoom or manual focus.

What’s the maximum ISO range of an Olympus camera?

Olympus quotes a maximum range of 11.1 Metres at 1600 ISO and there’s also a published guide number, always more useful for comparison purposes, of 5.2 (Metres, 100 ISO).

Where are the settings on the Olympus XZ-1?

To save your current settings, go to the setup menu, select Custom Mode Setup, and hit Set. As mentioned earlier, most of the shooting settings and functions are available from the “live control”, a function menu called up by pressing the OK button that sits in the middle of the four-way pad.

What do you need to know about the Sony XZ-2?

Slide the rear switch to the right and the XZ-2’s flash slides slowly up into position. Left and right microphones flank the hot shoe, and a blue ring surrounds the Power button when on. A Zoom toggle surrounds the Shutter button. The Mode dial is a little close to the edge for our tastes; it’s a good thing that it’s stiff and not loose.