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What is the theme for the summer reading challenge this year?

What is the theme for the summer reading challenge this year?

This year’s Summer Reading Challenge theme is Wild World Heroes, created in partnership with WWF and illustrated by award-winning children’s author and illustrator Heath McKenzie.

What is the summer reading theme for 2021?

Tales and Tails
The CSLP theme for 2021 is “Tales and Tails” — and we are turtley excited! Find resources, practical tips, and ideas here: Lists & Articles: Want to quickly find content related to summer reading inside NoveList?

What is the summer reading theme for 2019?

In the summer of 2019, many libraries across the country will celebrate space exploration in their summer reading programs. The slogan “A Universe of Stories” was chosen by library professionals to help inspire children of all ages to dream big, believe in themselves, and create their own story.

What are the benefits of summer reading programs?

The benefits of summer reading are clear. National research finds that students who participate in library summer reading programs scored higher on reading achievement tests at the beginning of the next school year than those who did not participate.

What is the theme of the summer reading program at iRead?

Reading Colors Your World! The theme for iREAD’s 2021 summer reading program is Reading Colors Your World . The broad motif of “colors” provides a context for exploring humanity, nature, culture, and science, as well as developing programming that demonstrates how libraries and reading can expand your world through kindness, growth, and community.

Who is the leader of summer reading programs?

Over the past thirty years, iREAD has grown into a leader of summer reading program development, providing libraries, large and small, with all of the resources they need to promote, launch, and execute great reading programs.

How does iRead help the Illinois Library Association?

As a coordinated, self-supporting effort developed by the Illinois Library Association and librarians, every purchase from iREAD helps to promote and assist the great work of libraries. Thank you for supporting iREAD!