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What is the temperature of the water at Lake Powell?

What is the temperature of the water at Lake Powell?

Lake Powell is a town close to Lake Powell. July is the month with the highest water temperature at 85.1°F / 29.5°C….Lake Powell Summary.

Description Value
Warmest Month Water Temperature: July with 85.1°F / 29.5°C
Wettest Month: July with 0in / 0.4mm

What months Can you swim in Lake Powell?

The best months to swim are June and July. If you want to catch the best sunsets… again, the best time to visit is in the warmer months (May – August), when the days are longer and the sunsets are unbeatable. Holiday weekends, spring break, and summertime are some of the busiest times to visit Lake Powell.

How cold does it get in Page AZ?

In Page, the summers are hot and mostly clear, the winters are very cold and partly cloudy, and it is dry year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 30°F to 97°F and is rarely below 22°F or above 103°F.

What was the temperature at Lake Powell today?

Low 68F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph. Sunny. High 101F.

What is a comfortable water temperature for swimming?

78 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit
According to the World Health Organization, water temperatures ranging from 78 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit are generally comfortable and safe for those engaging in moderate physical activity in a pool.

Can I swim in Lake Powell?

Swimming is a popular activity at Lake Powell, especially in the summer when water temperatures can surpass 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Please be aware that there are no life guards or designated swim beaches at Lake Powell or on the Colorado River.

Is Lake Powell too cold in April?

September is the ideal month for travel to Lake Powell as the air temperature has cooled off a bit, yet the water is still extremely warm and the crowds have dispersed somewhat….WEATHER & WATER TEMPS.

Month April
Average High 72
Average Low 46
Average Surface Water Temperature 54

What is the best time to visit Page AZ?

When Is the Best Time

  • The best time to visit Antelope Canyon is from mid-March until mid-October when the light beams occur.
  • The best time of day to visit Antelope Canyon is between 11 AM and 1:30 PM, when the sunbeams occur.
  • Update July 2021: Antelope Canyon re-opened and tours will be running again in July.

How many days do you need in Page AZ?

two days
How many days do you need in Page, AZ? I would say two days is perfect for getting to see a good amount of Page’s sites. If you plan to see everything on this list, you may need to extend a day or two!

Will Lake Powell rise this year?

The water level in Lake Powell has fallen more than 50 feet in the past year. This month the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation started a six-month effort to raise the lake around 3 feet by the end of 2021 by releasing 181,000 acre feet of water from three upstream reservoirs.

Will Lake Powell be drained?

As part of the compact between Upper Basin states and the Lower Basin states of Nevada, California and Arizona, the bureau will release a total of 8.23 million acre-feet from Lake Powell to downriver users in 2021. The lake’s enormous pool has drained precipitously in the ongoing 22-year southwestern drought.