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What is the source id of the Lync error message?

What is the source id of the Lync error message?

2) I saw this same scenario reported on another Lync as a “ID 403 (source ID 239).” so if that’s your problem, I’d go checking your voice config. Here the “Test Voice Routing” tool might lead you astray: it’s not clever enough to know if you do or don’t have a Gateway assigned to a route.

What does it mean when Lync says Call was not completed or has ended?

It’s not a Lync error. This is a variation on “Call was not completed or has ended”: “… reference error ID 10001 (source ID 243).” 1) In this case, I’d missed a step in the setup. I had all of my ducks in a line: normalisation, usage, policy and route – but I’d not actually specified a PSTN Gateway on the route!

What does ” forbidden ” mean on Lync client side?

Take your pick. Please don’t contact your support team with this information! “Forbidden”. You’ve found a valid Lync/OCS user, but they’re not allowed to talk to you. (They’re not enabled for Federation). 1) If you’re trying to contact a Federated party, your Edge server is down. (Try a different Federated partner to check this).

Why is there an OCS / Lync error in my e-mail?

There’s an instance of OCS/Lync there, they have an Edge, but you’ve simply nominated an invalid user – or guessed their e-mail naming format wrong. 2) There *is* such a user at the recipient’s domain – but they’re not enabled for Federation. There’s an instance of OCS/Lync there & they have an Edge. [TBC]

Why is my Edge server not connecting to my Lync Server?

2) If you’re trying to call a Federated user and you receive this message, check the Access Edge service isn’t stopped on your Edge server. Note the little globe next to the called party’s name – this is a call to a Federated party. “The call could not connect due to network issues. Try logging out of Lync and logging back in, or try again later.”