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What is the range of a tenor recorder?

What is the range of a tenor recorder?

tenor: C (written and sounds middle C) to A or B (almost 2 octaves higher). The notes higher than that are rare for tenor.

What key is tenor recorder in?

The tenor recorder, like the soprano recorder, is tuned in C, but is pitched an octave lower. Because of its larger size, many tenors have keys to make it easier to play the lowest C and C♯, and occasionally D and D♯.

What is the highest pitch recorder?

Alto. The alto recorder is largest and lower than the soprano, but higher than the tenor.

Is tenor the smallest recorder?

Recorder Sizes There are 235 products. Recorders are made in different sizes with names and compasses roughly corresponding to different vocal ranges. The sizes most commonly in use today are the soprano (“descant”, lowest note C5), alto “treble”, lowest note F4), tenor (lowest note C4) and bass (lowest note F3).

Who is the soprano on the Mollenhauer recorder?

The Mollenhauer Modern Sopranoin interaction with modern band instruments. Volker Kuinke plays the instrument in the title track of Syrinx Call’s new album. Museum & Workshop

Which is the best Mollenhauer recorder to buy?

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Which is louder, Moeck or Mollenhauer?

Kynseker seems to be someting between baroque and renaissance recorders and it is louder than baroque recorders but not so loud as renaissance (es ganassi or Moeck renaissance) and Mollenhauer dream. He says that probably ganassi is not a good choice. I dont know if he is right but ganassi is very expensive and need also some fingering corretion.

How many mollenhauers are there in the world?

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