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What is the gift for 17th wedding anniversary?

What is the gift for 17th wedding anniversary?

17th Anniversary: Furniture The 17th-anniversary gift recognizes that with both traditional and modern gifts of furniture to deck out your pad. We love the idea of fleshing out an outdoor retreat for the two of you to enjoy together.

What is 17 years married called?

Wedding Anniversary List

Wedding Anniversary Gifts List
16th Silver Holloware
17th Furniture
18th Porcelain
19th Bronze

What is the symbol for 17th wedding anniversary?

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Wedding Anniversary Occasion Traditional Theme Colour
14th Year Ivory or Elephant *** Ivory
15th Year Crystal Red
16th Year Silverware Silver
17th Year Furniture Yellow Alternate Stone: Amethyst; Citrine; Pink Tourmaline; Watch

What is the traditional gift for a 17th wedding anniversary?

Furniture is the traditional wedding gift for the 17th anniversary, but you can also give a gift that includes amethyst or citrine , which are the assigned gemstones for the 17th year. If you are celebrating your 17th wedding anniversary, it is important to find a gift that fully represents the love shared between you and your spouse.

What is the traditional anniversary gift list?

Here is a list of traditional anniversary gifts: 1st anniversary: Paper. 2nd anniversary: Cotton. 3rd anniversary: Leather. 4th anniversary: Flowers or fruits. 5th anniversary: Wood. 6th anniversary: Iron or candy.

What is a good anniversary gift?

Best Anniversary Gifts for Her Huckberry Morse Code ‘LOVE’ Necklace. Night Sky Print. Rebecca Minkoff Watch. Gucci Bloom Perfume. The Bouqs Company Bouquet. Tiffany Engraved Bracelet. ‘You’re My Lobster’ Coffee Mug. Brooklinen Luxe Sheet Set. Moet & Chandon Champagne. MeUndies Underwear.

What are some good wedding anniversary gift ideas?

Knives and other cooking utensils are a good gift idea for people who love to cook. Most women enjoy getting a bouquet of flowers on their anniversary. Anniversary gifts may include perfume. A machine for making espresso can make a good anniversary gift.