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What is the CPT code for balloon dilation?

What is the CPT code for balloon dilation?

69705 Nasopharyngoscopy, surgical, with dilation of eustachian tube (ie, balloon dilation); unilateral
69706 Nasopharyngoscopy, surgical, with dilation of eustachian tube (ie, balloon dilation); bilateral
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What is tracheal dilation?

Tracheal dilation. Widening of the trachea — either with a balloon or tracheal dilators — provides temporary symptom relief and allows doctors to determine how much of the trachea the stenosis affects. During the surgery, doctors can also diagnose the cause of the stenosis if it is unknown.

What is the CPT code for a bronchoscopy with tracheal dilation and stenting?

Physicians Professional Fees

Procedures CPT Code Work, RVU
Flexible bronchoscopy 31622 2.78
Rigid bronchoscopy 31622 2.78
Tracheoplasty/bronchoplasty 31630 3.81
Tracheal stent (includes tracheoplasty) 31631 4.36

What are the symptoms of balloon dilation trachea?

Airway Balloon Dilation Airway stenosis is a congenital or acquired narrowing that obstructs the passage of air to the lungs. Symptoms include stridor, wheezing, hoarseness, shortness of breath and respiratory distress. Patients who have severe airway stenosis are often dependent on a tracheotomy tube to breathe.

What is the ICD 10 code for balloon dilatation?

Y40.3 Balloon dilation of organ NOC. Z24.3 Trachea. In addition ICD-10 code J39.8 Other specified diseases of upper respiratory tract or Q32.1 Other congenital malformations of trachea is assigned. Balloon dilatation of subglottic stenosis with the use of a laryngoscope:

How is the tracheostomy tube inflated during dilatation?

The tracheostomy tube is held firmly in place during dilatation to ensure the balloon remains in position (Fig. 1 ). The balloon cuff is inflated to a pressure of 150 to 200 mmHg as measured by an attached manometer (Fig. 2 ), and this is sustained for 2 minutes.

How is a tracheostomy balloon and scope removed?

The tracheostomy tube was visualized. A dedo laryngoscope was inserted and then suspended. The rigid bronch along with a size 7 accalarant tracheal dilation balloon was then inserted to the level of the obstruction. The balloon was inflated to 12 mmHg and held for 2 minutes. Balloon and scope were removed with marked improvement.