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What is the backup configuration file format in the Fortinet firewall?

What is the backup configuration file format in the Fortinet firewall?

Note that if you are using FortiManager or FortiGate Cloud, full backups are performed and the option to backup individual VDOMs will not appear. You can also backup and restore your configuration using Secure File Copy (SCP). See How to download/upload a FortiGate configuration file using secure file copy (SCP).

How do I restore FortiGate configuration?

To restore the FortiManager configuration:

  1. Go to System Settings > Dashboard.
  2. In the System Information widget, click the restore button next to System Configuration. The Restore System dialog box opens.
  3. Configure the following settings then select OK. Choose Backup File.

How do I restore a backup using FortiGate?

Restoring a previous configuration

  1. Go to System > Maintenance > Backup & Restore.
  2. Select Restore.
  3. Either type the path and file name of the file to restore in the From File field, or click Browse to locate the file.

How do I backup my FortiManager?

To back up the FortiManager configuration: Go to System Settings > Dashboard. In the System Information widget, click the backup button next to System Configuration. The Backup System dialog box opens. If you want to encrypt the backup file, select the Encryption box, then type and confirm the password you want to use.

Is there a way to backup to FortiGate using the CLI?

You can also backup to the FortiManager using the CLI. If VDOMs are enabled, indicate whether the scope of the backup is for the entire FortiGate configuration ( Global) or only a specific VDOM configuration ( VDOM ).

What to do with a Cisco UCS backup?

All configuration —An XML file that includes all system and logical configuration settings. You can use the file generated from this backup to import these configuration settings to the original fabric interconnect or to a different fabric interconnect. You cannot use this file for a system restore.

Can you do automated full config backups in Fortinet?

Answered Hot! Automated Full-config backups We would like to be able to scheduled automated full-config backups to be offloaded to an FTP server. I know the fortimanager has backup capabilities of configs for its registered devices but we do not really need a full central management system (though it would be nice).

How do I restore the FortiGate GUI file?

To restore the FortiGate configuration – GUI: Click on admin in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select Configuration > Restore. Identify the source of the configuration file to be restore d : your Local PC or a USB Disk. The USB Disk option will be grayed out if no USB drive is inserted in the USB port.