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What is the actual radius of Earth?

What is the actual radius of Earth?

6,371 km

The radius of Earth at the equator is 3,963 miles (6,378 kilometers), according to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. However, Earth is not quite a sphere. The planet’s rotation causes it to bulge at the equator. Earth’s polar radius is 3,950 miles (6,356 km) — a difference of 13 miles (22 km).

How do you calculate the radius of the earth with a stopwatch?

Measure the Earth’s Radius with a Stopwatch

  1. Stand and face the eastern horizon.
  2. As soon as you see the top limb of the Sun (or Moon) appear above the horizon, start the stopwatch.
  3. Lie down, quickly.
  4. Continue to watch the eastern horizon.
  5. As soon as the Sun (or Moon) appears again, stop the stopwatch.

What is the radius of the sun?

696,340 km

How do we measure Earth radius?

Compute the radius of the earth using the formula C (circumference) = 2 x pi x r (radius). Erastosthenes’ formula would look like this: 39,350 = 2 x 3.14 x r, or 6,267 kilometers.

What is the average radius?

The Earth’s mean radius is determined as the average distance from the physical center to the surface, based on a large number of samples. The value, symbolized rearth, is equal to approximately 6,371,000 meters (6.371 x 106 m). This is roughly 6,371 kilometers (km) or 3,960 statute miles.

How do you calculate the radius of a planet?

To determine the planet radius, the brightness drop of the parent star that occurs during a planetary transit is measured. This brightness drop is directly related to the ratio of the planet radius to the radius of its parent star, as shown in the image below.

What’s bigger than the sun?

Betelgeuse, a red giant, is about 700 times bigger than the sun and about 14,000 times brighter. “We have found stars that are 100 times bigger in diameter than our sun. Truly those stars are enormous,” NASA says on its SpacePlace website. “We have also seen stars that are just a tenth the size of our sun.”

How 9.81 is calculated?

The acceleration g=F/m1 due to gravity on the Earth can be calculated by substituting the mass and radii of the Earth into the above equation and hence g= 9.81 m s-2.

How to find the radius of Earth using Sunset?

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How to convert Earth radius to meter length?

Earth radius to meter conversion allow you make a conversion between earth radius and meter easily. You can find the tool in the following. Earth radius is the distance from Earth’s center to its surface, about 6,371 km (3,959 mi).

Can you measure the Earth’s radius with a stopwatch?

Measure the Earth’s Radius with a Stopwatch Is it possible to measure the earth’s radius — armed only with a stopwatch? Yes! The answer will be only approximate, but that’s a lot better than nothing. The basic idea is to look at a sunrise or sunset (or moonrise or moonset) in a very particular manner: For a sunrise (or moonrise)

What is the radius of the Earth from the equator?

Earth radius is the distance from the center of Earth to a point on its surface. Its value ranges from 6,378 km (3,963 mi) at the equator to 6,357 km (3,950 mi) at a pole. A nominal Earth radius is sometimes used as a unit of measurement in astronomy and geophysics, denoted in astronomy by the symbol R⊕. In other contexts, it is denoted