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What is tenure land law?

What is tenure land law?

noun. How a piece of land is held by the owner (for instance freehold or leasehold). His tenure was freehold, so he owned the land on which his property stood.

What is traditional land tenure system?

Customary systems are those where the sovereign rights to property are vested in community. Before the influence of colonial powers, such customary land tenure systems were flexible and adaptable to changes in population that may have occurred through famine and pestilence.

How is customary land tenure different from statutory tenure?

This system is opposed to statutory tenure brought up during the colonial periods. Customary Land Tenure applies to a specific land areas and are governed by customary laws. Land under this tenure system is communally or jointly owned by particular groups of people.

How does customary tenure system work in Uganda?

Over 60% 0f land in Uganda is held on customary tenure system. In this case, people own their land, have their rights to it, but most of the times don’t have land titles. Some tenants on such land allocate specific areas to themselves with known and defined boundaries usually marked by ridges, trenches, trees and provisional mark stones.

How is customary land ownership different in Uganda?

In some areas, customary land is owned communally, in some parts; the land belongs to a certain clan whereas in other sections, it is held by individual persons. Similarly, the rules of customary arrangement as well differ in various areas of Uganda.

How does a certificate of customary ownership work?

Certificate of customary ownership. Any person, family or community holding land under customary tenure on former public land may acquire a certificate of customary ownership in respect of that land in accordance with this Act. A certificate for customary ownership shall be in the prescribed form and shall be issued by the board.