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What is so special about the Angel Oak?

What is so special about the Angel Oak?

While live oaks are known to only grow out and not upwards, the long history of Angel Oak has allowed it to grow both out and up. This explains why it is so tall (more than 65 feet high) and so broad with a canopy that provides more than 17,000 square feet of shade.

Is the Angel Oak still alive?

Estimated to be between 400 and 500 years old, this southern live oak has survived a number of hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes. It was damaged by Hurricane Hugo in 1989, but has recovered and continues to grow.

Is it easy to get Angel Oak Home Loans?

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Where did the Angel Oak Tree get its name?

Its branches reach in all directions, with some driving underground and then growing back up above the surface. Its name comes from the Angel Estate, owned by couple Justus Angel and Martha Waight Angel. However, local legends say the ghosts of former slaves appear as angels around the tree. The tree is now property of the City of Charleston.

How old is the Angel Oak in Charleston SC?

The Angel Oak Park is located on Johns Island where you can find what is known as “A Lowcountry Treasure”. The Southern Live Oak tree is a historical site and focal point of one of the City of Charleston’s public parks. It is considered to be the largest Live Oak Tree east of the Mississippi estimating to be 300 to 400 years old. About Angel Oak

Where is the Angel Oak in heart of a child?

The Angel Oak is featured in the novel The Heart of a Child by Emily Nelson. The area also hosts a number of artistic and social events throughout the spring and summer seasons. There are no shuttles to the tree park, but there is a very large parking space and the tree is free to view and enjoy!