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What is Ramechhap district famous for?

What is Ramechhap district famous for?

Ramechhap is one of the six districts of Janakpur Zone and is located in Northern Part of Nepal. Hindu temples are the main attraction of this district.

Which district is udayapur?

Udayapur District

Udayapur District उदयपुर जिल्ला
Country Nepal
Province Province No. 1
Established During Rana regime
Admin HQ. Gaighat (Triyuga)

What is the total area of Ramechhap?

1,546 km²

How many VDC are there in Ramechhap?

12 VDCs
FSPs present in 12 VDCs of Ramechhap district, absent in 43 VDCs. 2. Markets are functioning in Manthali (12 FSPs) Rakathum (No FSPs) and Himganga (No FSPs), VDCs.

How big is the district of Ramechhap in India?

The district, known as Kirat Ramechhap, with Manthali as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,546 km² and has a population (2011) of 202,646 and a density of 137.4 per km 2.

What is the population of Udaypur district in India?

Where inner Tarai exists the Churiya range lies to the south of this region. This region is highly affected by the problem of river cutting or floods. Major places of district like Gaighat, Katari and Beltar lie in this region. According to the census of 2011 the total population of Udaypur district is 317,532.

Which is the nearest city to Udayapur from Rampur?

Koshi Tappu: Koshi Tappu is a protected area for wildlife. It is located in south-eastern part of Udayapur near Koshi River. Rampur is the nearest city in Udayapur from Koshi Tappu .

Who are the local administrations of Ramechhap District?

According to LLRCNepal there are now eight local administrations in the district: Manthali Municipality, Ramechhap Municipality, Umakunda Rural Municipality, Khandadevi Rural Municipality, Gokulganga Rural Municipality, Doramba Rural Municipality, Likhu Rural Municipality and Sunapati Rural Municipality.